Quick Search - More Metadata In Talent Results - 11/10/2022 [RN]


What's new?

We improved Quick Search by adding more data to the search results including:

  • Middle Initial (the first character)
  • Zip Code
  • Last four digits of the Social Security Number
Why did we do that?

Customers told us that HCM/Recruiter/Hiring Managers conducting Quick Searches need to see more details in order to identify the correct Talent. They don't want to repeat their searches if they select the wrong Talent.

This will help distinguish better results for when multiple talent have common names.

How does this work?

Only HCM Users with the User Access option Last 4 SSN Search and View enabled will see the last four digits of talents' SSNs displayed. This can be activated by an Admin user.


If an HCM user is conducting a Quick Search for a Talent:

  1. Perform a Quick Search, with at least 3 characters in the quick search field
  2. The system will display a list of Talent with additional information when the talent record meets the following conditions:
  • They have a valid First/Middle/Last name
  • They have a valid City, State, and Zip Code Address
  • They have a valid SSN

Note that this new functionality only applies to talent searches. 


Screenshot: Last 4 SSN Search and View option in User Access



Screenshot: Quick Search for Talent with additional details highlighted




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