Duplicating / Sharing Dashboards (INSIGHTS)

Quickly and easily duplicate or share standard dashboards with both internal and external users.
Note: You can only share with other INSIGHTS users

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If you don't have access to INSIGHTS, please reach out to your Account Manager.



Duplicate Dashboard
Rename Duplicated Dashboard
Delete Dashboards




Duplicate Dashboard

Duplicate/Copies can be made of Dashboards that already have been duplicated/copied.
Note: Bookmark Filters will not be copied.

  1. Go to the Dashboard that you want to copy


  2. Hover over the name of the Dashboard
  3. Click on the 3 dots icon
  4. Click on Duplicate


  5. The copied Dashboard will appear at the bottom of the list of Dashboards




Rename Duplicated Dashboard

If you make a copy of a Dashboard, we suggest renaming it.

  1. Hover over the copy of the Dashboard
  2. Click on the 3 dots icon and click Rename


  3. The current name of the Dashboard will be highlighted


  4. Type in a new name for the Dashboard
  5. Click on the Green check icon mceclip5.png


  6. Notice the Dashboard name has now been updated.


Duplicated Dashboard - Other Features

  1. inlineImage1.png
    Click Duplicate when the three dots in a duplicated dashboard is selected

  2. inlineImage_2.png
    You can Rename the duplicate of the duplicated Dashboard to serve any of your needs like renaming for a different Client or time period etc. e.g. as below

  3. inlineImage4.png
    If the duplicated dashboard, is not required, it can be deleted by clicking Delete.

  4. inlineImage5.png
    The duplicated dashboard can also be shared.  Clicking Share will open this menu
    After selecting a recipient for the duplicated dashboard, that recipient can be granted to View, Design or be made Owner of the duplicated dashboard, as shown below or deleted as needed.

  5. inlineImage8.png
    The duplicated dashboard can be downloaded as a pdf or image, to be shared for any internal or external recipients.


Delete Dashboards

  1. Go to the duplicated Dashboard to be removed
  2. Hover over the name of the Dashboard
  3. Click on the 3 dots icon and click Delete


  4. Click on the Green Check icon mceclip5.png




Video and PDF versions of the Duplicating, Sharing, and Email Scheduling INSIGHTS Dashboards Webinar are available:

Webinar: Duplicating, Sharing, and Email Scheduling INSIGHTS Dashboards


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