Asurint Background Check Integration (v1)

The Asurint integration with AviontéBOLD allows you to use their screening services when performing your background check requests on prospective talent. The results are delivered to you in a report within the BOLD interface.

Key Takeaways

  • Streamlined Background Checks: The Asurint integration with AviontéBOLD streamlines the background check process, allowing users to perform screening services seamlessly within the BOLD interface.

  • Efficient Request Management: Users can easily send background check requests, track them through the Background Checks Dashboard Widget, and manage the results, enhancing overall efficiency in talent screening.

  • Comprehensive Results: Once processed by Asurint, the background check results are conveniently displayed in the Talent > Screening page and the Background Check Widget, providing comprehensive insights into candidates' backgrounds.


Integration Setup
How to Use the Integration
Managing Background Check Requests



Integration Setup

The Asurint integration must first be enabled.

  1. Open the Accounts & Settings menu.
  2. Click System Settings
  3. Click System Features
  4. Under the Integrations section, select Asurint
  5. Click Save
  6. Log out and log back in




The integration must then be configured.

  1. Navigate to Account & Settings
  2. Click Avionté Marketplace
  3. Find Asurint
  4. Click Settings




Field Definitions

  • Account ID – Provided by Asurint
  • Username – Provided by Asurint
  • Password – Provided by Asurint
  • Show All Packages – Yes/No

Yes: Default setting – Gives users access to all active packages for all locations setup with Asurint

No: Gives users access only to the packages active for the location selected in the background check request flyout.


  • Locations – Asurint location IDs need to be associated with the BOLD offices.  Click the Edit button to configure the Asurint location ID and then click Save.





How to Use the Integration

Send a Background Check Request

  1. From a talent record, navigate to the Screening section.
  2. Click the Create an Asurint Check button

  1. The Create Asurint Background Check flyout opens and prepopulates with the talent’s information.

  2. Enter Drivers License information if needed

  3. Select a location from the Asurint Location dropdown

The only offices available in the dropdown will be ones for which the user has permission, and that are associated with an Asurint Location ID in the Marketplace.

  1. Select a package from the Asurint Package dropdown

  2. Click Submit Check




Once Asurint has processed the request, you are able to view the results in the Talent > Screening page and the Background Check Widget.

Asurint scores finalized on the Asurint site will flow back into BOLD and be displayed in the Talent > Screening page. The full background check results report is available in BOLD by clicking on the report link in the View Report column.


Talent > Screening page


Background Check Widget



Managing Background Check Requests

Once the background check request is sent to Asurint, the requests can be tracked and managed through the Background Checks Dashboard Widget.  See the article below for more information regarding the Background Checks:




Listed below are the required fields for every background check request.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State/Region
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Birth Date

If any of these data fields aren’t populated when clicking the Create an Asurint button, a message will display in the flyout:

If any of the required data fields aren’t populated in the flyout when sending the request, the fields will be highlighted in red and will be required to complete before the Submit Check button can be clicked.



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