Mass Updating Jobs & Placements

In Job Search and Hired Details - Clients with the Back Office integration are able to mass update end dates, rates for placements that were jobs, and overtime rules.

This feature syncs with the back-office integration. Clients without BO integration will not be able to use it.


Key Takeaways

  1. Efficient Mass Updates: The reader will understand that clients with Back Office integration can leverage a powerful feature to mass update end dates, rates, and overtime rules for placements that were jobs. This feature is designed to streamline administrative tasks and ensure consistency.

  2. Navigation and Usage: The guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the mass update feature. It explains how to navigate to the job search screen, select desired jobs, and use the Mass Actions menu to perform updates. The reader will learn how to update rates, including mark-up percentages, bill rates, and pay rates, and how to ensure proper contract extensions with reasons.

  3. Comprehensive Updating: The guide highlights that users can also mass update end dates and reasons for selected jobs from the job search screen. Additionally, it demonstrates that the mass updating functionality extends to the job details page, where users can perform updates within the Hired Details area. By providing specific screenshots and instructions, readers will be able to confidently manage mass updates for placements and jobs using the integrated system.



To mass update rates in the job search screen
To mass update end dates and reasons
Mass updating on the job details page






To mass update rates in the job search screen

After searching for the desired jobs, select the desired items by checking the marks on the left-hand side. Click the Mass Actions menu in the lower right-hand corner, and the option "Mass Update Rates" will appear.

Tip: Set search Type to Contract beforehand. Use the "+" buttons to expand the individual job view to see the details (to see if the job has placements or not).


Screenshot: Job Search Results - Mass Update Rates



Clicking the option Mass Update Rates will cause the following flyout to appear:



Screenshot: Job Rates - Mass Update


Changing Mark up %s

A Bill or Pay Rate is required when changing the Mark-up Percentage.  The system will not allow you to proceed without a Bill or Pay Rate entered.


Changing Bill and/or Pay Rates

The Bill and Pay rate fields being updated are the Target Pay Rate and Target Bill Rate.

Important Note: Entering a Pay or Bill rate will cause the original Mark-up % to get updated.

  • We recommend updating the Mark-up %, even if it stays the same.



This screen will allow you to change the rates for the jobs selected. 

You can apply changes to all existing placements by clicking the associated checkbox, and selecting a Start Date, and selecting a Reason for Contract Extension.


Screenshot: Apply changes to all existing placements



You can see how many placements will be affected by the action before committing. 


Any time there is a rate change, the system will apply a contract extension. If a Reason is not chosen, the system will assume the chosen rate was the original one for the whole contract; this will interfere with historical data. This is why the dropdown exists and we recommend a reason be chosen; do not skip this step. The Contract Reasons to choose from can be configured in the Table Editor.


Set up a Bill Rate and Pay Rate if you do not want to keep current rates. You can also select a new overtime/double-time rate, or keep the current rates. Click Save and the new rates will be applied.



To mass update end dates and reasons

From the job search screen, check the marks for the desired jobs, click the Mass Actions menu, and select Mass Update End Dates & Reasons. The associated flyout will appear.


Screenshot: End Date & Reason - Mass Update Flyout



You can select Apply to Placements on this screen.

You can choose if it is an Early Termination. If not, supply an End Date.

Select an End Reason, and click Save.



Mass updating on the job details page

From a job details page, you can also select these options in the Hired Details area.


Screenshot: Job Details - Hired Details



Here you can select individual or multiple hires by checking the checkboxes. Then select the Mass Actions menu, and choose the option you want. The related flyout will appear depending on which selection you make, allowing you to make the associated changes.



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