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This article provides instructions for Front Office-only clients on how to archive an office within AviontéBOLD, offering a step-by-step guide to navigate the process, including selecting an office status and submitting the changes to archive a branch rather than deleting it. The feature allows users to choose another office for hiring managers or delete them, with the flexibility to restore contact profiles from the archive if needed.

Note: This feature is for Front Office-only clients. Clients who use Back Office that wish to have offices removed from their database must make a request through Avionté Support.

Key Takeaways

  • Front Office-only clients in AviontéBOLD can archive offices, preserving data and allowing users to choose another office or delete hiring managers while providing the option to restore contact profiles from the archive.

  • Archiving an office involves selecting the desired office status, such as Deleted or Archived, through the Office Status drop-down menu in the Contacts Tab.

  • Unlike deleting, archiving offices in AviontéBOLD doesn't remove them from the list of offices displayed on a company page, providing a flexible way to manage office data.

In a similar way to how a Company can be archived, an Office can also be archived. The ability is to archive rather than transfer. The command archives the branch rather than deleting it. Users can choose another office to move hiring managers to, or delete the hiring managers. If users choose to delete the hiring managers, they can go into the record archive and restore the contact profile, and choose which active office they want them to be a part of. Setting an office's status to Deleted does not remove it from the list of office shown on a company page.
  1. Locate the Company and then go to the Contacts Tab.
  2. Click on the Edit Office button

  3. Select the Office Status drop down menu
  4. Click on the Submit button 



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