TEA 1. Integration Setup - Marketplace Integration Enablement

Before integrating Avionté's software with Text-Em-All, your company must have an account with Text-Em-All. You will then want to contact Avionté to request the integration be made available in your BOLD environment by creating a ticket in the Avionte Support Center.

You will need your Text-Em-All Admin account credentials to enable the integration in the BOLD Marketplace. Users who need access to the integration in BOLD, will need to have Text-Em-All user account credentials as well.  


Marketplace Integration Enablement

Once the Text-Em-All System Feature has been enabled by an Avionte resource, you will find the Text-Em-All integration enabled in the Avionte Marketplace.


  1. Click the Settings button to enable the integration in the Text-Em-All Integration Settings screen.

a. Enter Text-Em-All Admin account credentials and click Verify Account.

b. If the credentials are valid, a confirmation message will be displayed.  Click Continue.



Error Handling

If invalid Text-Em-All Admin credentials are entered into the Marketplace, the user will receive an error stating the username and or password are invalid once the Verify Account button is clicked.


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