Maritime support - state option of “US” WC Codes available within job, job details, and talent pages

When creating a new job or editing an existing one, the "US" WC Codes will be available for any US State worksite address.  Use this value when a Talent is working in maritime time zones.



Initial Setup

  1. Search for "workers"

  2. Select Workers Compensation Codes. The Edit Workers Compensation Codes window will appear.


  3. Add a new workers comp code, such as the above.
  4. For Country, select "United States."
  5. For State, select "US."
  6. Enter a Description if desired.
  7. Click Add. The new worker's comp code will be added to the list.
Note: If a user runs payroll or billing out of Avionté back office, they should complete their setup (including rate and cost percentages) in Avionté back office. See this KB article for more information: Wc Code Tab (Worker's Compensation).
WC Codes will only become available in the back office once they are associated with a job order.



Adding a new Job with a "US" WC Code

Note: If the worksite address is in any US state, the US WC Codes will be available to select.
  1. Hover over Jobs > click Add New Job. The Create Job flyout will appear.

  2. Search for and select the Company to which the "US" WC Code was added. 

  3. In Job Details, under Worker's Comp Code > the new "US" maritime code should be available.


  4. Create the rest of the job normally and click Create Job. The Create Job notification will be displayed.

  5. Go to the job created by clicking on the button.

  6. Scroll down to Operations & Financials - the user should be able to select the new WC Code.


  7. Save the changes in the Operations & Financials widget.

Setting up the WC Code at the Company level

Note: These steps are optional; they are not required.
  1. Go to Company > Search for and bring up the Company the user is working with.

  2. Scroll down on the left-hand side to access the Company's Operational Information.


  3. Click the edit button.

  4. Go to Workers Comp Codes: > type "US-". The workers' comp codes for "US" will appear.


  5. Select the maritime workers' comp code that was created.

  6. Save the changes by clicking the button.



Using a Maritime WC Code in a Job Template

Note: These steps are optional; they are not required.

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