Avionté 24/7 PAY FAQ

The overview details Avionté 24/7 PAY, covering aspects like its purpose, pricing, accessibility, security, troubleshooting, and additional questions. Users can explore topics such as accessing pay and tax statements, SmartLink functionality, security measures, and troubleshooting common issues.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté 24/7 PAY offers Talent immediate mobile access to pay and tax statements, enhancing transparency for users.
  • The SmartLink feature simplifies app access for talent, enabling quick sign-ins through text or email links.
  • Avionté 24/7 PAY requires proper configuration and user status management in AviontéBOLD for optimal functionality and security.
If you have questions that are not answered in the document below, please feel free to reach out to your account manager for more information.  







What is Avionté 24/7?

Avionté 24/7 is our mobile app, and it delivers instant access to your pay and tax statements. When you log in to the app, you can get an immediate look at Gross Pay, Take Home Pay, Statutory Taxes, and Deductions.


What does Avionté 24/7 PAY provide to talent?

Avionté 24/7 PAY delivers instant mobile access to talent pay and tax statements. When they log in to the app, they can get an immediate look at Gross Pay, Take Home Pay, Statutory Taxes, and Deductions.



Can talent get a PDF copy of their pay and tax statements?

Talent will have access to the PDF version of the following documents as applicable:

  • Pay Statement (US, Canada)
  • W-2 (US)
  • 1099 (US)
  • 1095-C (US)
  • T4 (Canada)
  • T4A (Canada)



How can employees interact with the PDF statements?

Employees can download the PDF to their device, or they can take a screenshot. Due to data privacy concerns, employees can’t send PDFs via email at this time.





I am interested in purchasing Avionté 24/7 Pay, what do I do?

As an AviontéBOLD customer, you’ll receive 24/7 PAY at no additional cost if you purchase Avionté 24/7 WORK or opt into the CHANGE card. Your Avionté representative will provide you with the order form and work with you to get scheduled for implementation and training.

If you are interested in 24/7 PAY sans WORK or CHANGE – we still have a solution for you. Please reach out.



Do you need to purchase Avionté 24/7 to use Avionté 24/7 PAY?

To clarify, Avionté 24/7 is our talent-facing mobile app. The app itself is available for your talent to download free of charge at any point, however, they will be limited to the functionality of the modules your agency has purchased.

Currently, the modules we offer are:

  • Avionté 24/7 WORK - Programmatic job matching and scheduling
  • Avionté 24/7 PAY – Mobile access to pay and tax statements
  • Avionté 24/7 READY - vaccine/ test tracking and verifications

While it is possible to purchase and implement select/individual experiences, end users and your talent will have an optimal experience if you are leveraging all available experiences, providing talent with one mobile experience.



Will I need to sign a contract for Avionté 24/7 PAY?

Due to the sensitivity of the data, you will need to sign an order form indicating that you want to make this available to your talent. This will be coterminous with your initial/ existing agreement. Your Avionté representative can help you with this process.





What devices can talent use to access Avionté 24/7?

You can access Avionté 24/7 on iOS and Android devices.



Do you need an internet connection to use the Avionté 24/7 app?

Avionté 24/7 works using standard cellular plans as well as Wi-Fi.



Can talent use the 24/7 app on multiple devices?

While it is possible to download the app on multiple devices, talent can only be logged into one device at a time. If they try to access the app from the first device after logging in from a different one, they will see a notification that states, “Attention! You logged in with another device and have been logged out of this one. You must log back into this device to use it.”



What if my talent doesn’t have a smartphone? Can they access pay and tax information from the AviontéBOLD talent portal?

Yes. Regardless, talent can always access their pay and tax information from the AviontéBOLD and AviontéCLASSIC talent portals.



If I am only using AviontéCLASSIC front office and back office, will I be able to use Avionté 24/7?

Unfortunately not. You would need to migrate to AviontéBOLD to utilize Avionté 24/7 features in the mobile app.



Will we still be able to use 24/7 PAY functionality if we use the Avionté 24/7 CUSTOM instead of Avionté 24/7?

Yes if you’re using AviontéBOLD with payroll! Please reach out to your account manager for more information.



How does talent access Avionté 24/7?

Talent can download the app and sign in using a SmartLink delivered via text or email. Once they’re logged in, the app will remember their credentials and keep them logged in. They just need to open the app to access their information.

Talent can also download the 24/7 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but they will not be able to sign in until you have provided them with a SmartLink.





What is a SmartLink?

SmartLink reduces friction by allowing new talent to download the Avionté 24/7 app and get signed in with a single text or email.

Note: Users will be asked to verify their identity the first time they log in if you have purchased the Avionté 24/7 PAY module.



Who gets the SmartLink?

The SmartLink is automatically triggered as part of the implementation process of Avionté 24/7, and we will work with your team to identify the appropriate contacts based on talent status(es.)

Note: You will need to pay close attention to talent status in order to ensure the correct employees receive the SmartLink.



Can I send a SmartLink manually?

You can manually send a SmartLink, but you need to make sure the talent record is configured appropriately in BOLD. The record must have:

  • Talent Status must be ‘Active’ or one of the other designated status set up by the administrator.
  • Talent email must be in ‘Email 1’
  • A valid phone number that can receive text messages must be in ‘Mobile Phone’

Once the talent is configured, on the talent page go to Quick Actions, in the drop-down, select Send SmartLink. This will send the SmartLink to the Mobile Phone and Email on file.



My employees already have the app. Do I need to send them another SmartLink if I purchase a new module?

No. Talent will be able to access the new feature functionality from the welcome screen of their existing app. You do not need to send a new SmartLink.



If I send a new SmartLink, does that deactivate the old one?

No. Users will be able to any SmartLink in their messages or inbox to access the 24/7 app.



I updated an employee’s mobile phone number in AviontéBOLD. Do they need a new SmartLink to access Avionté 24/7?

  • If the employee still has the app installed on their device, they won’t need a new SmartLink.
  • If they don’t have the app, you’ll need to send a new one manually.



The talent has a new mobile device; can they use the same SmartLink?

Yes, the SmartLink can be shared. If the Smartlink is forwarded, it requires you to re-verify by entering your email



I have sent my talent multiple SmartLinks, can the only use the last link sent?

All of the SmartLinks will allow the talent to access Avionte 24/7, the link does not timeout.





Does Avionté 24/7 PAY require any type of verification or authentication before talent can access the app?

Users will be asked to verify their email address the first time they log in. The address must match the address on file in AviontéBOLD for talent to access the app.



An employee accidentally logged out of the Avionté 24/7 app. How can they sign back in?

If an employee is logged out, they can click on the SmartLink they initially received, or you can send them a new one manually. This will log them in automatically.



Can my employee view their username in Avionté 24/7?

Yes, employees can view their username in one of two ways:

  • If the employee is logged in to the app, they can navigate to the Profile and the Username is displayed.
  • If they signed out of the app, then they would have to sign in via SmartLink before navigating to their Profile.



Can talent reset their own password?

Yes, employees can reset their password in one of two ways:

  • If an employee wants to update their password and they’re signed into to Avionté 24/7 app, then they can navigate to Profile, click Edit, and set the password they want.
  • If they aren’t signed in, then they can click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page. An email will be sent to the talent with steps to reset their password.



How long will my session last in 24/7 PAY?

Avionté 24/7 PAY sessions will expire after 60 minutes because an authorization token is only valid for 60 minutes in line with industry standards. When the talent returns, there will be a blank screen and notification of “Technical issue reaching the pay server. Please check back later.” If the talent navigates away from the page and returns to PAY, the page will reload.



Under banking I see four #### before the last four digits of my account number, I know my account is ten digits long, is my account information wrong?

We are masking your account number for data security. The app shows only four #### regardless of how long your account number is. You will see the actual last four digits of the account number for easy identification.





Why does my employee get an alert indicating that “Logging out of the app prevents you from receiving all future work offers. Are you sure you wish to Log out?” when they go to sign out of the Avionté 24/7 app?

For the employee to get the full benefit of the Avionté 24/7 app and the notifications, they must remain signed into the app.



The talent has not been paid, but has Avionté 24/7. What will they see if they go to PAY?

When talent has no pay statement, and no tax statements, when they access Avionté 24/7 PAY, they will see a notification of “Pay Not Available. Please check back later.”



Why do the total hours display at the top not reflect the same total hours from the details?

If an Employee has 40 Units of Regular Hours and 1 Unit Bonus payment of $1000, the transaction of Bonus units is ignored for the Avionté 24/7 Pay Total Hours.

  • Total Hours: 40
  • Hours Details will show:
    • Reg - 40
    • Bonus - 1



What if a talent sees an error with a pay statement or data on the Avionté 24/7 app?

The talent would contact the appropriate resource at their staffing agency.



What does it mean when a talent sees the notification of “Status: Awaiting Verification?”

It means the talent’s status is not configured to be included with the 24/7 app.



Why as a contractor [1099] am I not seeing Gross Pay, Deductions, and Taxes?

Contractors are not subject to tax liabilities within the payroll engine; however, all contractors must remit their tax liabilities on their own to the appropriate taxing agencies. Therefore, it just displays a net pay value under Take Home.



Why can’t I see what I currently have for 2022 for my US and CDN Year End Tax Statements?

To render the current year’s tax statement data, it will require you to complete the yearend processing steps under Weekly Process.



The talent is not receiving any SmartLinks texts, so why not?

There are several reasons for a talent not to receive a SmartLink text, review the following (the talent can always access the SmartLink via email as a secondary way to access the SmartLink):

  1. Talent Mobile number is incorrect in BOLD. Update the talent Mobile number, save, and click on Send SmartLink.
  2. The Talent had responded STOP to the SmartLink text. The carrier will block any future SmartLink text messages. Avionte does not have the ability to reactivate the SmartLink text messages if the talent has opted to STOP the SmartLink texts. The talent will have to contact the carrier if they wish to start allowing text messages at a future date.
  3. The talent has blocked the SmartLink text number on their device. The device will block any future SmartLink text messages. Avionte does not have the ability to reactivate the SmartLink text messages if the talent has opted to BLOCK the SmartLink texts. The talent will have to update their device if they wish to start allowing text messages at a future date.
  4. As a part of the carrier spam filtering, they have blocked the delivery with no indication from the talent.



What if a talent does not know the username to manually log in to the Avionté 24/7 app?

Currently, the talent needs a SmartLink to access the details of the Username.

  1. By clicking on the SmartLink they received in mobile or email, they are automatically logged in. Navigate to the Profile and the Username is displayed. They would need to take note of that Username, and set their password, if they want to manually login in the future.
  2. If they do not have the SmartLink available, they would have to request the link be sent again. Once they click on the SmartLink they received in mobile or email, they are automatically logged in. Navigate to the Profile and the Username is displayed. They would need to take note of that Username, and set their password, if they want to manually login in the future.



The talent report they are getting a message to Clear cache for Avionte 24/7. Why?

If the Staffing Supplier is processing data at the same time the Talent is accessing their Avionte 24/7, it could result in the Talent experiencing this message.



Why aren’t Paychecks showing?

  • Verify they should have paychecks showing
  • Check the audit log of the employee to see if any merges or other major changes
  • What type of employee are they (1099, Sub-Agency, …)?
  • Talent will only be able to see paystubs for the past six months in the app.



Why are the Paycheck amounts wrong?

Treat this as you would have prior to 24/7 PAY



What if the app crashes or won’t open?

Create a ticket with our Support and select ‘24/7’ (Add screenshots if possible)



What if the Talent still can’t log in after using the steps above?

Create a ticket with our Support and select ‘24/7’ (Add your screenshots if possible)



What if Talent isn't receiving the Smartlink via Email?

  • The link can take up to 2 minutes to send
  • Verify the Email they have on record
  • Check spam/junk folder
  • Resend the link from BOLD



What happens when the talent has entered multiple wrong email verifications and is now disabled?

Talent would reach out to the Staffing Agency, where the Staffing Agency can then contact WorkN Customer Success to retrieve and reset the Worker





I (staffing agency) would like to log an issue with Avionté 24/7 PAY; what do I do?

Follow the standard process and open a ticket in the Support Center.



What does the implementation process look like, and how long will it take for 24/7 PAY?

The implementation process generally takes two weeks after kick-off, which includes time for communication and education with the agency and its employees.



What type of reporting will be available for Avionté 24/7?

WorkN needs to provide adoption by clients so agencies can follow up as needed. Further discussion is required.



What if the Talent was an employee before 2021 and now comes back to work with us?

Treat this as a new hire process (that the Staffing Agency has defined)



How does Talent find their email?

They can contact you to look up the email on their record



What happens if an employee no longer works for me? Do they still have access to 24/7 PAY?

  • If the employee’s assignment ends, then they’ll still be able to access their 24/7 PAY data.
  • If they were terminated, Do they have access or not? If they have access, for how long? The law required 7 years of records.



A contractor is paid via a Sub-Agency pay statement; will they be able to see their pay statement on Avionte 24/7 Pay?

No. A Sub-Agency pay statement can house details for several contractors, therefore it can not be displayed for individual contractors.



Does changing talent status in BOLD impact access to Avionté 24/7?

Yes. By changing the talent status in BOLD, you can trigger the SmartLink, prevent the link from triggering, or archive talent.



What happens when the staffing firm chooses to leave Avionté? Will talent still be able to access 24/7 PAY?

No. The staffing firm has the opportunity to opt into a ‘Maintenance Plan’ that gives read-only and archival access to the Avionté platform so the firm can pull pay and tax statement information manually.



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