View Tax Statements

View your Tax Statements: 1099, W2, 1095-C, T4, and T4-A

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Tax Statements

  1. To view your Pay Stub, tap the Pay button.

  2. Then tap on the Tax Statements button (at the bottom of the screen).
    1. This will show your previous W2s, up to 7 years.

  3. Notice each W2 has a year in the name.
  4. Tap on a W2 you want to view.

  5. You can zoom (pinch) in on the Tax Statement to make the text legible for you.

  6. If the Page # (1 of 3) is displaying in the upper left corner, just tap the screen once to make it disappear.  Tap it again to have it display.  Tap the X to close the window and go back to the Pay screen.




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