View Pay Details (24/7 App)

You can view your Pay Statements and no longer need to reach out to anyone for this information; it's now at your fingertips.



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Pay Details

  1. When Talent first logs in, they’ll see a few different options to choose from.
  2. To view your Pay Stub, tap the Pay button.

  3. There will be a list of previous Pay stubs, that you can scroll through or view the Pay details. Tap on the Pay stub you want to view.

  4. The Pay stub is broken into several sections.
    1. Taxes
    2. Employee Deductions
    3. Employer Benefits
    4. Hours
    5. Banking

  5. You can expand (to show) or collapse (to hide) the sections.

  6. Tap the PAY button to go back to the list of Pay Stubs.

    1. The Pay Stub layout should all look similar (Taxes, Employee Deductions, …) except for the Dates and details (Hours, Taxes, …)


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