Portal: Onboarding Talent Instructions

Provide simple or detailed instructions to help guide Talent through the Onboarding process.

Task instructions are available on all options except:

  • All Adobe documents
  • Equifax I-9
  • Maximus I-9



Where to add instructions
Entering Instructions
Sending tasks with Instructions
Talent experience


Where to add instructions

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
    1. In the Search field, type: ONBOARDING
  3. Click on the Talent Onboarding Tasks tile

    Account Settings - Utilities - Talent Onboarding Tasks.gif

  4. Instructions can be added to:
    1. Onboarding Tasks
    2. Integration Tasks
    3. Assessment Tasks




Onboarding Tasks

  1. Select the Onboarding Task type and the item to add the instructions to.
  2. Type the instructions in the Tasks Instructions field



Integration Tasks


Assessment Tasks



Entering Instructions

  1. Once you've typed your instructions, click on the Save button.



Sending tasks with Instructions

  1. Go to the Talent's record
  2. Click on the Onboarding sub tab
  3. Click on the Send Onboarding Tasks button

  4. Select one of these options:

  5. Select the tasks (or other option with Instructions):



Talent experience


Viewing Task


Talent Portal
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