Configuring Talent Onboarding Tasks

With 24/7 Onboarding, talent onboarding tasks may be configured to make it easier to make effective workflows, by ensuring that tasks have consistent due dates and instructions for the talent who receives them. Additionally, the addition of Symmetry tasks can streamline signature collection for documents that require them.



Configuring Talent Onboarding Tasks

  1. Click the Account & Settings icon and select Utilities

  2. Select Talent Onboarding Tasks. Options may be filtered by typing TASKS in the search box.

  3. Available tasks are shown in sections described below. Click the chevron at the right of each section to expand or hide the options within. 

  4. Click the switch to the right of an individual task to enable or disable it. Turning a task On will make it available for other users within your organization to include in workflows, while turning it Off ensures only the desired tasks are available when configuring workflows. 

  5. Click on an individual task to access and configure due dates and instructions for the task, which will then be the default parameters for the task when it is added to a workflow.

  6. Click Save after entering in desired due date and instructions for the task.



Configuring Onboarding Tasks Video


Talent Onboarding Task Types

These are the talent onboarding tasks available for use and configuration, grouped together with other, similar tasks:

Onboarding Tasks

  • Certifications
  • Competencies
  • Direct Deposit
  • Education
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Personal Info
  • Resume
  • Talent Questionnaire
  • Work History


E-Signature Templates


Integration Tasks


Symmetry Tasks

  • Forms for:
    • Federal tax withholding
    • State tax withholding, where applicable



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