Troubleshooting Avionté 24/7: Checking the API Logs for Syncing

The WorkN Web Portal provides a log of inbound and outbound calls to the WorkN API (Application Programming Interface) that can help identify and resolve issues. While APIs can be complex and powerful, some essential knowledge can help place reviewing these logs for helpful information well within reach.


Key Takeaways

  • Inbound vs Outbound API Logs
    Since these logs are shown from the WorkN perspective, Inbound refers to traffic coming from BOLD to WorkN, while Outbound refers to traffic from WorkN to BOLD
  • Application Programming Interfaces
    APIs are commonly used to allow different pieces of software to communicate with each other, such as this case between BOLD and WorkN
  • "Endpoint Called"
    When discussing APIs, an endpoint is a part of the API that performs a specific function 

Reviewing API Logs

  1. Click ADMIN at the top right corner of the WorkN Web Portal
  2. With both Branch and Enterprise set to Marketplace, click Inbound API Logs or Outbound API Logs depending on the need. These buttons are found towards the right edge of the page.
  3. Review the logs for a relevant log item, such as a particular Endpoint Call that failed, or activity on a specific date.
    Note: The Filter dropdown can be used to limit logs for specifics such as a given date, user or endpoint.
  4. Click the log item to see more information. In this case, the Error Info pane explains that there were no valid dates or times provided in the job being added:



The most common errors are in situations where required fields are not satisfied. Please reference this article to review the required fields needed for a successful sync. 

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