24/7 WORK: Talent Experience

The mobile Talent Experience is the driving force behind Avionté 24/7, providing candidates with a seamless journey through recruitment to pay and redeployment.

Key Takeaways

  • Connect Candidates with Open Positions
    Notifications alert Talent to new job opportunities that fit their skills, schedule, location, and more.
  • No Login Credentials
    With the SmartLink functionality, Talent can access the app without needing to input and remember login credentials, eliminating the hurdle of yet another login.
  • Live Work Schedule
    The Calendar and List view provide Talent with easy visibility to their committed work schedule, and access to further job details.

What Does It Look Like?

After logging in to the app with the SmartLink, Talent are able to view their profile information, job opportunities, work schedule, and more.

For more details on the SmartLink itself, please refer to this article.

Talent Profile

By navigating to the top-right silhouette, Talent can view their profile information.  Here they have the opportunity to upload a photo, as well as update their information.


Next to the Profile icon on the top right, Talent can also select the gear icon to navigate to Settings.  Here they can update their contact and reminder preferences. 


Talent Home Screen

While the app will send notifications to a Talent's phone, they can also access the Notifications feed by clicking on the access button from the main landing screen.

*Note, Home Screens on the apps may vary based on unique setup.


The Share the App button allows Talent to send a recommendation of your 24/7 app to other job seekers.


Job Opportunities

The Opportunities icon at the bottom of the app will bring Talent to jobs that are either open to them, or jobs they have expressed interest in.


My Offers refers to jobs that have matched to the Talent based on their skills, work radius, and availability, and are set as an Offer job. These jobs are shifts that a Talent would Accept, and immediately be started on.

Interested refers to jobs that have matched to the talent, and are set as Interest jobs.  These jobs are shifts that a Talent would express Interest in, and then wait for confirmation from the recruiting agency to be started.  This tab includes Available jobs, as well as all jobs that the Talent has already Submitted their interest to.

In all cases, clicking on a job pulls up the job's description. This details the job's title, worksite address, shift schedule, skills, and more.

Talent Schedule 

The Work tab at the bottom of the app will bring Talent to their work schedule.  Here they have the option of either a Calendar or List view, and can tab or scroll respectively to view their committed shifts.  Shifts they are committed to are symbolized by a marker dot on the applicable date. 

Clicking on the name of the job will bring the job details up.  This allows Talent to look into their schedule in advance, as well as to check in or check out of an imminent or ending shift. 


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