BOLD Sync Errors for Avionté 24/7

The sync tile at the top of Avionte BOLD job orders may display various error messages.


Key Take Aways:

  • When posting a job to Avionte 24/7, it is important to be aware of common errors that may occur during the process.
  • Some common errors include those displayed in the sync tile at the top of Avionte BOLD job orders.
  • To understand the specific error, hover the mouse over the error message to view more details explaining why a sync did not occur.
  • How to resolve Sync Errors by checking required fields.



Sync errors may occur when posting a job to 24/7 through BOLD. As this is commonly the result of missing information, verifying all required information is in place is a good starting point towards resolution.


  • Verify Required Information
    Errors often occur as a result of incomplete data. Compare against the required fields listed below
  • Error Codes
    See below for common error codes and meanings.
  • Contact Support
    The Avionté support team is available to help if this information doesn't help resolve the issue



Error Message in Avionte BOLD Suggested Steps
Error adding job order in WorkN: There are no valid dates/times in the given date range and days of the week. Look at the days of the week that you have selected compared with the dates of the jobs. You likely have selected no days of the week or only days of the week that fall on dates outside of what you have selected for the job.
Invalid data () for start_worksite_time Missing or format incorrect for Start Time. Review Custom Job Detail.
Invalid data () for end_worksite_time Missing or format incorrect for End Time. Review Custom Job Detail.
Error (list index out of range) looking up external customer ID: 3027878-3480274 This Enterprise/Company does not exist in the 24/7 system. You will need to go to the company record in BOLD to have it sync with WorkN. Consult us regarding possible filters you have in place to prevent company records from coming over to WorkN.
There were problems with the Sent Attributes: [u'Skill Needed field is missing.'] The order has no skills on it OR the order has skills on it that don't exist in the 24/7 system.

Check the Primary position category on the order page and ensure there is a skill attached to the order. 

If there is a skill, the skill may not exist in our system. Submit a support ticket to request our team update our skills to sync with BOLD.
There were problems with the Sent Attributes: [u'Duration must be between 30 and 720.']

The order has a shift schedule that does not meet the minimum/maximum configuration requirements for a shift to be posted.


By default, a shift must be between 30 minutes and 720 minutes in length, or between 30 minutes and 12 hours. If you need these increments adjusted, please reach out to your account manager.

Error adding job order in WorkN: Job Order must start at least 5 minutes in the future! 24/7 cannot create job orders that start in the past. Change the start date and/or start time on the job order to be at least 5 minutes into the future.
There were problems with the Sent Attributes: [u'Job Description submitted is too long - max length is #### characters(s).']

We limit the job description to a certain amount of characters. The characters counted include invisible characters and spaces.

Talk to your customer success representative about increasing your limit or reduce the size of the job description.

Note that long job descriptions do not work well on an app and we suggest using less than 4,000 characters.


Job Order is still in the notification process and cannot be updated! The job order is currently being distributed to talents that match the requirements. Until that process is finished, you cannot update the job order. 

Wait 10 minutes and repeat the update you were trying to make by re-changing a field and saving.
For any other error messaging, please reach out to our support team.  


TIP: Jobs must be posted 5 minutes into the future. Jobs cannot be edited in the 15-minute window after the job was posted, the job distribution must be complete before an edit can be made.


Check Required Fields

Required Company Fields

  • Company Name
  • Office (Department)
  • Worksite Address (not Billing Address)
  • Contact

Required Job Fields

  • Start Date
  • Address
  • Post to 24/7 Toggle
    • Pick List or Dynamic Distribution
    • Interest or Offer
    • Scheduling Information
  • Skills

Required Talent Fields

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Skills
  • Talent Status

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