Avionté 24/7 Time and Pay File

This article provides information about an export file offered to Avionte clients for payroll processing in Avionté's Back Office. The file can be configured to be sent out daily or weekly with optional lag days. The article also provides instructions on how to import the file into Avionte.


Key Takeaways

  • Avionte 24/7 WORK offers an export file for their clients to import into Avionte's Back Office for payroll processing.
  • The export file will include both verified time (shifts that have been moved to the verified stage) or unverified time (completed shifts with punches in and out).
  • Clients can choose the frequency of file delivery (daily or weekly) and add lag days to create a gap between payroll processing and time verification. This is determined in Implementation.



The file is emailed to the billing email for the marketplace. This email also receives the session and provider files. 


When is the file emailed?

We can send the file either daily or weekly. It will include all of the time from the previous day or week respectively. 

We can add as many lag days (0-6) as you would like. Lags days are the days between the end of the period included in the file and when we send the file.

You may want to utilize lag days to help put a gap between when you process payroll and when you begin verifying time. For example, let's say you run weekly payroll, and your pay week ends on Sunday. With 0 lag days, the file for the previous week of shifts will be sent on Monday. If you put 3 lag days in, we will send the file on Thursday. By putting 3 lag days in, the users responsible for time approval will have more time to verify time within the app or portals. See below regarding verified vs. unverified time.

These files involve large data processes for our servers and are run in queue starting at 10 AM EST. The exact time of delivery will depend on a variety of factors but will typically be within 2 hours of 10 AM EST.

This file will be emailed to the billing contact on your account. This email is set up during the implementation process. If you have questions or need to change this email address, please reach out to support. 


What will the file include?

The file will include both Verified Time or Unverified Time.

Verified time is the shifts that have been moved to the verified stage by clicking verified in the app or web portal. If desired, you can verify all time under a branch to move batches into the file. 

Unverified time is the shifts that have been completed. In other words, there are punches in and out for these shifts but they may not have been verified yet.

Here is an example of what the file will contain.



How do I import the file to Avointe?
Please see this KB article in the Avionte Classic section on importing the file.


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