Posting a Bundled Job to Avionté 24/7


By publishing a Bundled Job in BOLD, recruiters can post job opportunities with specific availability and location criteria to attract skilled Talent and ensure that each opening is filled by the same person, meaning that the assigned Talent must accept all of the shifts associated with the posted job order. 

Key Takeaways

  • Location Aware Recruiting
    WorkN alerts Talent within a specified radius of the job address, ensuring a good geographic fit.
  • Skill Matching
    By only notifying Talent with the correct skillset, time is saved for both Talent and recruiters.
  • Bundled Jobs
    Bundled jobs require every available shift to be staffed by the same person. 

    Example: If a job order is Monday through Friday, then one worker must accept all 5 days of the job order.

Required Fields for Job Orders

  • Start Date
    Start dates must be at least five minutes in the future from time of posting. The date is a matching criteria field as the job notification will only show to talent that are available during the dates of your job order.
  • Address
    The Worksite Address must be within the set radius of the Talent’s address on their profile as it is used as matching criteria so Talent are only shown jobs within that radius.
  • Post to 24/7 Toggle
    By enabling this toggle, you are posting the job to your 24/7 App to notify qualifying talent on their mobile device.
  • Skill
    The required skill on the job order are used as matching criteria for the skills on the talent’s profile in order for that talent to be notified of the job.


When Creating the Job

  1. Follow the regular procedure to create a job in BOLD, ensuring the required fields listed above are included.
    Note: More information on job creation is available in the Avionté Knowledge Base.

  2. When creating job, toggle Post to 24/7 in the Job Details section.
    Note: This toggle, as well as its preferences, can be added to templates.

  3. Choose from Dynamic Distribution/Pick List and Interest/Offer.


  1. Use Schedule section to set days and times for the job.



After Creating the Job

If you have previously published a job on BOLD without activating the "Post to 24/7" toggle, you have the option to enable it later in order to share the job with your talent through your app.

  1. On the Job page, in the Post Job to 24/7 Widget, toggle the switch for Post Job to 24/7.

  2. Choose from Dynamic Distribution/Pick List and Interest/Offer.
    Note: Once the job is posted to 24/7, these selections can not be changed and the job cannot be directly unposted. The job post behavior is now determined by open positions and job status, so changing the job to not posted or setting available positions to 0 will effectively unpost the job This is to reduce the possibility of sync errors for missing information.

  3. Fill in scheduling details in the Post Job to 24/7 Widget. Click the Save icon at the top right to save after making changes.



Tip: Create and Use Job Templates 

Job templates can help maintain consistency and reduce clicks in creating job orders, more information about their use is available here. 


Starting the Talent

Once a job has been posted, the final step will be to start the appropriate Talent for the posted shift/s.

Using either the Active Jobs Monitor Widget, the links provided in the Recruiter Notification Emails, or navigating to the View Talent Screen from the Job Details page, there are options for whatever best suits a recruiter's workflows.

The process is the same whether the workflow starts from Pipeline or Nominate:

  1. If Pipelining, the Talent is still having their skillset and qualifications vetted for the position along with their interest level. If a Talent is in Pipeline, they will need to be moved to the Nominate stage before being Started.

  2. When Nominating (whether immediately or as a step after Pipeline), a Talent is already in a position to be presented to the hiring manager to decide whether or not they are appropriate for the position.

  3. In the Nominate bucket, select the green check mark, and Assign the Talent. This is the final step, and they are now considered Started on the job.

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