Avionté 24/7 Extract File Types

As it relates to WorkN Time Keeping, there are different file types that can be utilized for time keeping, payroll, and reporting needs.

For a more in depth look at Time Keeping, please refer to this article.


Receiving Files

  • The extract files will be emailed to one admin email address that was identified in Implementations. 
  • If it is needed to send to multiple email addresses, we would recommend setting up  a broader group email and set up routing internally to the individuals that need to receive the email. 
    The files are only live in the email link for one week.

    Example of the email:

File Types

  • Session Extract File
  • Job Order Report
  • Worker File
  • Avionté Time and Pay File


File Types Details


Session Extract File: This file can be configured to be sent to the Billing Email Address.

An example of this file is attached at the bottom of this article, with an initial view as follows: 



Job Order Report: This report shows a line item representing a row per Job Order, and will show the following: 

    • Job Order ID 
    • External Order ID 
    • Job Order Status 
    • Enterprise Name 
    • Job Submitted Date 
    • Start Date End Date


Avionté Time and Pay: This is the export file that can be utilized to import into Avionté Back Office for payroll. 

For additional information on the formatting on this file and how to acquire it, please refer to this article.

There is another article that explains the process for importing the file that can be referenced here.

An example of this file is attached at the bottom of this article, with an initial view as follows: 


Note: The Avionté Time and Pay file can be imported directly into Avionté Back Office without any additional formatting. Overtime rules that have been set up in Back Office are applied without additional intervention.


Worker File: This file shows all the Talent that have applied in the app during the time period specified, whether weekly or daily.


Note:This file is only applicable to 24/7 Agency Branded applications that have the Apply button enabled on the app, or are using the Avionté 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD.

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