Posting Unbundled Jobs from WorkN to BOLD

Posting an Unbundled Job enables recruiters to post jobs for certain industries (e.g., medical, construction, etc) that do not require the same Talent to work all shifts. This in turn allows for Talent to pick and choose what shift/s they want based on their skillset and availability, rather than needing to be available for the entire set of shifts. 


Key Takeaways

  • Location Aware Recruiting
    WorkN alerts Talent within a specified radius of the job address, ensuring a good geographic fit.
  • Skill Matching
    By only notifying Talent with the correct skillset, time is saved for both Talent and recruiters.
  • Unbundled Jobs
    Unbundled jobs do not require Talent to accept every available shift, as compared to Bundled Jobs, where each shift must be filled by the same qualified applicant.


Terminology Between BOLD and WorkN

While the two are related and they can sync with each other, there are some terminology differences between BOLD and WorkN. This chart shows these terms, as well as their equivalents in each space:


Avionte BOLD



Supplier — Region



Company Branch







Enterprise Admin


What Does It Look Like?

On the talent's mobile app, they will be able to pick and choose the shifts they would like.

With bundled jobs that are posted in BOLD, the talent must accept all of the shifts in the job order. 


How Does It Work?

For the sync to BOLD to be successful, the Unbundled Job post has to start in the WorkN Portal. After navigating to the Schedule tab, the Enterprise for the Unbundled Jobs can be selected and '+Add Job' selected.


Complete the fields necessary for the Unbundled Job/s. In order to reduce clicks, a Job Template can be utilized. For more information on creating a Job Template, review this article.


As a reminder, any fields with a * are required, and any fields with a ✓ indicates matching criteria.  Matching criteria refers to a field that is utilized to match a Talent's profile to a Job (e.g., Skill, Availability, Time, Worksite Location).


Click on "Unbundled" - this will allow multiple Talent to choose which shifts they want to pick up.


Note: For Bundled Shifts you need to post the job from BOLD. Refer to this article on Bundled Shifts for more details. 


Scheduling Unbundled Shifts

The Bird's Eye View feature allows you to easily schedule Talent for available shifts. You can view all Talent who have responded within a linear schedule and choose which shifts you want to assign them to.


Note: Birds Eye will only show for Interest / Unbundled / Ad Hoc job offers.




On the Schedule tab, by clicking on the pending shift, Bird’s Eye can be selected. Click on the ‘➕ ’ icons to assign Talent to the open shifts and Submit to complete assignments. The Talent will receive notification of assignment on their mobile device.


Starting Talent on the Unbundled Assignment

While the Talent has received their assignment notification and are set to work, it is important to also start the Talent in the BOLD system to complete the assignment process. This must be done to ensure that the Talent ID is tied to the job for payroll to be accurate.

In order to complete the assignment process, navigate back to BOLD and follow the standard procedure for starting a job as detailed here.

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