24/7 Placement with Gross Profit Report

The 24/7 Placements with Gross Profit Based on WorkN Interest and Offer Acceptance report offers insights into placement profitability by analyzing gross profit metrics derived from WorkN interest and offer acceptance stages. Users can filter data by division, region, office, company, job type, job status, talent status, 24/7 stage, activity name, and date range to track key performance indicators and assess placement success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gross Profit Analysis: The report enables tracking of gross profit generated from placements based on WorkN interest and offer acceptance stages, providing visibility into placement profitability.
  • Stage Monitoring: By filtering data based on 24/7 stages, users can monitor talent progression through the nomination and pipeline stages, identifying successful placements and optimizing recruitment strategies accordingly.
  • Performance Metrics: Users can assess placement performance metrics such as hourly margin, gross profit, job status, and talent status to evaluate the effectiveness of talent acquisition efforts and make data-driven decisions.

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Roles That Would Benefit from Running this Report:

  • Recruitment Managers: They can utilize the report to analyze placement profitability, monitor talent progression through key stages, and optimize recruitment strategies to enhance placement success rates.
  • HR Analysts: Professionals responsible for talent acquisition data analysis can leverage the extensive filter options and insightful field details provided by the report to gain a comprehensive understanding of placement performance metrics.
  • Operations Managers: By accessing the report's performance metrics, operations managers can assess placement profitability and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and recruitment process optimization.





Locating the Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type GROSS
  3. Click on the 24/7 Placement Report




24/7 Placements with Gross Profit Based on WorkN Interest and Offer Acceptance



Filter Options

Filter Name Options Description
Division All available Employer List Use this filter to refine Employer of the Job
Region All available Region List Use this filter to refine Region of the Job
Office All available Branch List Use this filter to refine Office of the Job
Company All available Company List Use this filter to refine Company of the Job
Job Type All available Job Type List Use this filter to Type of the Job
Job Status All available Job Status List Use this filter to refine Staus of the Job
Talent Status All available Talent Status List Use this filter to refine Staus of the Talent
24/7 Stage All available WorkN Interest Accepted and WorkN Offer Accepted Nomination and Pipeline Job Stage List. Use this filter to refine Latest Job Stage of the Talent
Activity Name All available Job Activity List Use this filter to refine Activity of the Job
Date From   Use this filter to refine Talent's Job Activity between the date range.  This filter is only used for Latest Activity and Activity Date columns of the report.
Date To  
Date Range None, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Last Week,  This Week, Next Month,etc. When 'Date Range' is selected, 'Date From' and 'Date To' will be automatically disabled. The user will need to select either 'Date Range' or enter 'Date From' and 'Date To'.



Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Division Job's Employer  
Region Job's Region  
Office Job's Office  
Company Job's Company  
Talent Talent's Full Name  
Last Contacted Talent's latest activity logged date for the Job  
Talent ID Talent's ID  
Talent Status Talent's Status  
Job Title Job's Title  
Job ID Job's ID  
Hourly Margin Active Placement Extension's Hourly Margin  
Gross Profit Gross Profit of the transactions of the Job for the week worked between the date passed  
Worker's Comp Code Job's Woker Comp Code  
Job Type Job's Type  
Job Status Job's Status  
24/7 Stage Talent's Nomination/Pipeline Stage for the Job This will either be WorkN Interest Accepted or WorkN Offer Accepted as it is filtered by the 24/7 Stage filter. This could either be their present stage or a stage anytime in the past.
24/7 Stage Date Talent's Nomination/Pipeline Stage Created Date for the Job
Current Stage Talent's Current Nomination/Pipeline Stage for the Job This will be the talent's current nomination stage or pipeline stage for the job.



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