Careers Page Editor Workflow Fields and Requirements (Visibility)

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Choose what applicant information you would like visible and required for the applicant to fill out before proceeding with the application process. 


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Add Workflows

To configure the Workflows of a Careers Page, begin by signing in to AviontéBOLD. 

  1. Click on the Profile Icon to open the Accounts & Settings menu. 

  2. Select Utilities.  

  3. Select Careers Page Editor. 

  4. Using the Careers Pages menu on the left, locate the Workflows list and select Add.  

  5. When prompted, enter the name of the Workflow and select Create. 

  6. Two configuration categories will appear: Applicant Details Visibility & Requirements and Apply Sequence.  

  7. Begin by selecting the Applicant Details Visibility & Requirements

  8. A table of Applicant Details will appear. Use the toggle button to indicate if each field should be Visible or Hidden and Required or Optional. 

    Note: The Applicant First Name and Last Name fields must be set to Visible and Required.  We also recommend making at least one contact method such as email required.  
    *Duplicates are detected based on Mobile Phone and Email.


    At any time, the Save Workflow button can be clicked, to save the workflow in its' current state. No notification is given when it is clicked.



Edit Workflows

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