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Avionté users have the option of allowing Talent to submit general applications if there are no specific jobs to which they would like to apply.  Follow these steps below to configure the general application process of a Careers Page, 


General Section Video

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Set up / Update General Section

  1. Click on the Profile Icon to open the Accounts & Settings menu. 

  2. Select Utilities.  

  3. Select Careers Page Editor. 

  4. Using the Careers Pages menu on the left, locate the General Applies list and selects Add.  

  5. When prompted, enter the name of the General Apply and select Create. 

  6. Using the drop-down menusselect the General Apply Workflow, General Apply Style, and General Apply Language 

  7. Set how talent will be checked for duplicates when using the General Apply.  We encourage consistency in your setup of general applications and your career page settings used for web applies (see the section below). 

  8. Use the toggle bar to indicate if general applicants must submit resumes 

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