Careers Page Editor iFrame setup for Wix

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These are the steps to use the iFrame for your Wix website.

Note: This is not an integration or partnership.  These are the steps to use an iFrame.
  1. Login to with your credentials
  2. Click Code
  3. Click Turn On Developer Tools
    1. If this is already activated then it'll show Turn Off Developer Tools
    2. The example below has it already turned on

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  5. Click on the bottom bar
  6. Add the following to Page code

    import wixLocation from 'wix-location';
    export function compasframe_message(event, $w) { handleCompasFrameMessageReady(event, $w); }
    function handleCompasFrameMessageReady(event, $w) { if (! || !== 'compasframe_ready') return;
    let query = wixLocation.query;
    $w("#compasframe").postMessage({ type: 'compasframe_load', query: query }); }

  7. Go to the Area/Page, where you want to add the iFrame
  8. Click the '+' symbol
  9. Click More
  10. Click Embed a Site

  11. Adjust the size of the Embed a Site as desired
  12. Find your specific bid and jbid IDs
    1. Login to your BOLD environment
    2. Click Account & Settings
    3. Click Utilities
    4. Click on the Careers Page Editor Tile

      Account Settings - Utilities - Career Page Editor.gif

  13. Copy the bid and the jbid

    In example above:

    bid = AbcDE456fgHI          (replace the XXXXX in the link below)
    jbid = jKlmN1516oP          (replace the YYYYY in the link below)

  14. Update the following link with you 'bid' and 'jbid' IDs:

    Example using the 'bid' and 'jbid' above:

  15. On the Embed a Site, click View Properties
  16. Set the following fields:
    1. ID = compasframe
    2. onMessage event = compasframe_message

  17. Be sure to Save and Publish your changes
    1. The preview may not work while in the Wix design view
    2. Visit your website and refresh the page to see the changes


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