Create new Company and Contact using Echo Plugin

When importing contacts, they must be associated with a company. If the company is not already in Avionté, you can create the company through the Echo tool.


  1. Find a contact profile
  2. Click the Echo icon

  3. Echo will appear on the right side of the page.

    1. If you don't see the Echo Plugin, on the right side, it may be minimized
    2. Click the Arrow to expand

  4. Click Import Contact

  5. Click Create New Company button

  6. Make sure that all required fields are entered.
    1. Note: The minimum talent requirements will apply depending on the New Applicant/Talent Requirements configured in the Table Editor.
    2. If a required field is not populated, it will be displayed in red. You will need to fill out the field to continue.

  7. Example of all the fields available:
    1. Any fields with a Red Outline are required fields

  8. Click Create Company button

  9. If there is duplicate information you will see this message
    1. Double check the Company name

    2. Once done, it will go back to the 'Adding a Contact' screen.
      1. You can continue with adding a new Contact or click Back to not add a new Contact



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