Create a User for Talent (Username for Talent Portal)

Creating a user for Talent will allow them to log in with either their username or email.  An email will be sent with instructions to login.  All new Talent will require a Username to be setup

This is due to the changes that allow Talent without an Email address to be created.
Creating Talent without an Email

Note: this is done after the Talent has been created.


  1. Go to the Talent's record
  2. Click on the Quick Actions
  3. Click on Create User
  4. Click on 1 of the options
    1. Create & Send Email
      1. This will send an Email to the Talent

    2. Create User
      1. This will create a User but not send an email.  
      2. Write down the login information and provide that to the Talent.


Talent - Create User - Create.gif

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