Show or Hide Documents for Talent

Upload documents to the Talent's profile and select whether to hide or show it.  Change the show or hide option on new or existing documents.  The visibility options also can be applied to Adobe E-Sign Documents.


Upload Document

  1. Go to the Talent's profile
  2. Click on the Documents Tab
  3. Enter information into the following fields (prior to uploading)
    1. Expiration Date
    2. Document Privacy
    3. Document Type
    4. Employer
  4. Click on the Upload Document button
  5. Locate the file to upload
  6. Click on the Open button
  7. Notice the Show/Hide toggle switch
    Talent - Documents - upload file.gif


Additional information

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see some controls for managing a document.

  • The Show/Hide From Talent View toggle allows you to set the Talent visibility for that particular document. "Hide" is the default; documents are not visible to the talent in their portal. If you click the toggle, it will change to "Show," and the document will be visible to the talent.
  • The "eye" button gives a "live view" of the document; clicking it shows a preview of the document.
  • There is also a red "delete" button that will allow you to remove the document from the Talent's list




Document displayed for the Talent


Document hidden from Talent


Adobe E-Sign Documents


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