New Default Job Owner Field Added To Company And Office Records - 9/22/2023 [RN]

🚀 Improvement:

We improved our Create Company and Create Department flyouts by including the ability to add a default job owner who will receive job notifications. 

The job Owner field is also available under the Company > Operational Information widget.



We did this to allow BOLD users to assign a job owner at a company or department level.


How does this impact you?

Users can now add a default job owner while creating a company or office. Job owners will get notified whenever a job is created or updated under that company or office. The current user creating the company or the office will be pre-populated in the field.

Users can edit the default job owners' field by adding or removing job owners at any time. Multiple users can be assigned to a company or office as job owners.

If a Job Owner is not assigned to an office while creating the office, then the default job owner assigned to the company will flow down to the office level.



These enhancements are available to all AviontéBOLD customers.


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Add New Company - Default Job Owner

Add New Company - Default Job Owner.gif


Operational Information Widget on Company Page

Operational information widget on Company page.png


Operational Information - Adding a Default Job Owner

Operational Information - adding a Default Job Owner.gif

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