Existing Microsoft O365 Admin Setup for Federated Email

Federated Email will allow HCM users to automatically connect their O365 account upon login to BOLD. For existing O365 Integrated clients, simply add the Federated URI to the Azure BOLD Email Integration application and enter the email domain configuration in BOLD. 



  1. Do not remove any of the existing API Permissions until Federated Email is clearly working, and all of the users have successfully logged into their Federated Build at least once.  
  2. All user tokens will be automatically converted.  
  3. Once it’s working, both IMAP API Permissions can be removed, as well as the URI’s for Send/Sync tokens.
    1. CallbackAuthTokenSend
    2. CallbackAuthTokenSync
  4. Add the Email domain in Utilities > System Email Settings > Microsoft O365 Email Setup.
  5. No other changes are required for Federated Email to work properly.


URI Setup Instructions:

  1. Log into the Azure Active Directory admin center
  2. Click Microsoft Entra ID
  3. Click App Registrations
  4. Click All applications
  5. Search for “Bold Email Integration”
  6. Select the Active Bold Email Integration application

(click the image to open in a new tab)

7. Click Authentication


8. Click Add URI


9. Add the Callback Federated Auth Token Send URI

    1. https://CLIENTINSTNAME.myavionte.com/sonar/api/oauth2/CallbackFederatedAuthTokenSend


10. Click Save


11. Example of successfully added URI:


Microsoft O365 Email Setup

  1. Navigate to Utilities > System Email Settings > Microsoft O365 Email Setup

    System Email Settings.png

  2. Enter the Federated email domain
    Enter the Federated Email Domain.png

  3. Save the domain settings
    Save the Domain Settings.png


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