Timesheet Manager Batch Hours Toggle Added - 10/02/2023 [RN]

🚀 What's New

  • We improved the Timesheet Manager experience in AviontéBOLD, enabling users to include or exclude batch hour jobs from the Timesheet Manager view.


  • Customer feedback noted that the inclusion of batch hours in the Timesheet Manager view was not explicit, and there are valid use cases for seeing or hiding batch hour jobs when reviewing timesheets. 


How does this impact you?

  • Thanks to this enhancement, you can toggle the "Include Batch Hour Jobs" option to explicitly define whether or not Batch Hour jobs will be visible when returning timesheets for review.


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  • This feature is enabled for all AviontéBOLD customers, and visible to users with access to the Timesheet Manager.



Timesheet Manager - Include Batch Hour Jobs.png


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