Enhanced Text Message Management - 10/30/2023 [RN]

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  • We have improved the text messaging experience in AviontéBOLD, providing customers with a centralized and carrier-compliant solution for their SMS communication needs.


  • Effective September 1st, 2023, all mobile carriers mandate that text messaging originating from a software platform, such as Bold, which is directed towards personal mobile devices, must occur within an approved campaign validated by a carrier-agnostic third party.

  • This requirement has been established to reduce the occurrence of spam messages sent from applications to individual mobile devices. Carriers now automatically block any unregistered text messages to enhance the user experience.


How does this impact you?

  • In response to the updated requirements imposed by mobile carriers, we have introduced a new feature within the Bold Marketplace – SMS Configuration. This feature is designed to streamline the entire process of text messaging campaign registration, SMS number provisioning, and SMS number management through a unified user interface.
  • The introduction of this integrated SMS configuration approach eliminates the need for individual Bold users to personally manage their SMS settings. Instead, administrators within the Bold platform gain enhanced control and visibility over the configuration of all phone numbers. They can facilitate the seamless transfer of SMS numbers between different Bold users and have the ability to de-provision or remove unwanted numbers.

  • For customers who were previously utilizing SMS functionality within Bold, the transition to the new system has been seamlessly executed by Avionte on your behalf, ensuring that campaign registration and migration occurred in the background without disruption. You can now utilize the "Avionte SMS Campaign/Phone Number Administration" widget to oversee all of your SMS phone numbers.

  • As for new customers or those who had not been using SMS messaging in the past, the process of implementing SMS functionality is made straightforward through the "Avionte SMS Campaign/Phone Number Administration" tile within the Bold Marketplace. To begin your journey with SMS in Bold, we invite you to reference the knowledge base articles linked below.


Links to related KB articles:



  • This feature is now available to all Bold customers that utilize our SMS feature.

  • Only Bold users with the "Marketplace Admin" user setting enabled will have access to the Marketplace configuration tile.



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