Career Pages: Improved Resume Upload - 10/18/2023 [RN]

🚀 What's New

  • We improved the talent application experience in AviontéBOLD, enabling talent using the Career Page job boards in Bold to have a better UI that makes the resume upload requirements clearer.


  • Customer feedback noted that frequently the small asterisk that indicated a resume upload was required to apply was not apparent or clear to talent. This could cause double-entry of personal information, or confusion and frustration leading to abandoned applications.


How does this impact you?

  • The new look and feel of the "Upload Resume", "Upload Cover Letter", and "Apply With Indeed" buttons will automatically be enabled for your career pages, with no configuration required.
  • If a general apply or given job posting requires a resume to be uploaded, then the personal information fields will be hidden until a resume is uploaded and parsed. The "Upload Resume" button will also appear in bright red, making it clear it is required prior to continuing with your application.
  • Once the required resume is uploaded, the button will change color to yellow while parsing the resume, and then once complete the personal information fields containing all the parsed detail from the resume will appear and the "Upload Resume" button will change to a green color.
  • If the resume is not required, the "Upload Resume" button will be colored blue, and the personal information fields will appear by default as parsing via resume is not required.


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  • This feature is now available to all Bold customers that utilize our Career Pages and General Applies.



Resume Not Required:


Resume Required:


Resume Upload In Progress:


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