Form I-9 Accommodates the Inclusion of an E-verify Case Number - 12/05/2023 [RN]

🚀 What's New

  • When initiating an E-verify case using the Adobe I-9 and the standard Bold E-verify integration, the E-verify case number will be automatically updated in the Additional Information box of Section 2, eliminating the need for any additional user action.

  •  This functionality will only work with the "Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2" and "Form I-9 with Preparer (Rev 8-1-2023) V2" templates that contain a special field in the template for this case number.

    verify 1.png


  • USCIS allows the Additional Information section for E-verify case verification numbers. Although regular users can't reopen finished I-9s, the Bold I-9 integrates E-verify to automatically add the case number to completed Form I-9s. Any such action gets logged in the Adobe audit log for the Form I-9 document.

    Here is a portion of an audit document sample. The E-verify case number is written in by and is documented:
    verify 2.png

How does this impact you?

  • This requires no additional action on your part if you meet the Availability requirements below. When you view a completed I-9 with an E-verify case, you will now see the E-verify case number displayed on the PDF in Talent > Documents


  • Available upon request (please contact your Account Manager) to all Bold clients using the "I-9 - Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2" and "Form I-9 with Preparer (Rev 8-1-2023) V2" standard Adobe template & the Avionte E-verify integration.

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