New Version of Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2 - 11/13/2023

🚀 What's New

  • Avionte has deployed two new versions of the Adobe template for new Form I-9 to all clients using the Adobe integration:
    • Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2
    • Form I-9 with preparer (Rev 8-1-2023) V2


The initial deployment of the new Form I-9 occurred on 10/27.
Issues that were identified included:

  • SSN
    • Issue:
      • If an SSN is entered in starting with a 0, the form removes the leading 0 when displaying the SSN in List C
      • When an employee does not enter an SSN in Section 1, List C displays as a 0
    • Fix: The Form I-9 does not require an SSN per the USCIS, however we made the following adjustments to the standard form:
      • Employer can now enter in the SSN manually when completing Section 2 if the Talent did not provide one in Section 1.
      • Fixed the ability to enter an expiration date for List C – Receipt replacement SS card unrestricted.

  • Arizona DL/ID card
    • Issue:
      • Form required an expiration date for Arizona IDs & Drivers Licenses, which Arizona does not require
    • Fix:
      • The expiration date for Arizona is no longer required

  • Employer Section
    • Issue:
      • Limited ability in the employer section to enter excessive characters for Last, First, and Title, along with address 1 and 2 fields.
    • Fix:
      • Reduced font size of employer section fields to size 6

  • Selection #4: A non-citizen, fields were not retaining information when completed
    • Issue:
      • When a Talent enters in any of the following, it was not retained on the I-9: USCIS #, Align registration #, Form I-94 Number, Foreign Passport, and Country of Issuance.
    • Fix:
      • Adjusted a setting to allow the input of numbers to remain visible

  • Expiration date logic on the form I-9
    • Issue:
      • We had logic for expiration dates for List A, B, and C documents to be required in most fields versus optional, which caused issues for clients that had documents that did not require an expiration date.
    • Fix:
      • We made every expiration date as an optional field instead of required, which will now allow the employer to leave the expiration date blank for Arizona, along with any other List A, B, and C documents that do not have an expiration date.

How Does this impact you?

You will want to ensure you are updated to the new Form I-9 if you are using Adobe for your I-9 solution currently. If you have the Form I-9 in your packets, you will want to switch out the form with the new version.

If you want to use the Standard Form:

Great! Keep in mind two things:

  • The standard form, per USCIS guidance, does not require your Talent to enter an SSN on the form. 
    Revised I-9 Summary & Configuration – BOLD (Adobe Sign)
  • The standard form’s employer information will map from your Front Office employer information. If you are not sure that your employer information is accurate in Front Office, please contact your Account Manager or Support to verify your System’s Front Office employer information.

Activating Your Standard Form

Activate the Task
You will not be able to see this template in your Adobe website, but you will see it in Bold.

Go to Utilities > Talent Onboarding Tasks and search for “Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2” under E-Signature Templates. Configure the following:

  • Template Type: I-9
  • I-9 with Preparer Template: "Form I-9 with Preparer (Rev 8-1-2023) V2"
  • Check which boxes fit your process: Recommend checking “Make Completed Document Visible to Talent” so Talent can view their signed document later via the Portal
  • Copy Permissions: Copy permissions from your previous I-9 Form
  • Click Save
  • Toggle the task On

Adjust Packets

  • Go to Utilities > Talent Onboarding Task Packets and edit an existing packet with an I-9
  • Check the box for the new I-9 task to add it to the Packet
  • Uncheck the box for the old I-9 task to remove it from the Packet
  • Save
  • Repeat as necessary for all Onboarding Packets.

If you want your own Custom Form:

Why make a Custom version? If Avionte’s standard form does not completely align with how you want to use it.
The form is available to download from the KB.

Adding your Custom Form to Adobe

  • Log into the Adobe website and click on Add New Template
  • Drag and drop the downloaded PDF for “Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2”
    • NOTE: Do not touch the radio buttons on the right; leave as-is to work with the integration
  • Click “Preview & Add Fields” to create the template
  • In the template Editor, make your customizations, then click Save.
  • Repeat for the preparer template “Form I-9 with Preparer (Rev 8-1-2023) V2”
  • Take the steps to activate the task and switch out tasks in packets from the standard steps above.

What can you customize?

We recommend customizing as little as possible to prevent the form from breaking. Please do not delete fields from this form. If you customize your own form, please test it internally before rolling out to your team.

Here are the most common customizations to the I-9 Form and how to accomplish them:

  • You want the Form to have a different name
    • When editing the template in Adobe
    • Expand Template Properties
    • Edit the Template Name
    • Click OK
    • Save the template
  • You want to require SSN field
    • Right-click on the Social Security Number field
    • Check the Required box
      • NOTE: Do not alter anything else; validation for this field has been configured by Avionte
    • Click OK
    • Save the template

      i9 3.png

  • If you don’t want to use the standard employer mapping; set your own static information
    • Right-click on the employer field you want to edit
    • Under “Default Value”, enter what you want that field to save
    • Check “Read Only” if you don’t want the participant to be able to edit what’s in the field
    • Click OK
    • Save the template


Available now for all clients using the Adobe integration.

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