Talent Portal Tax Label Based on Talent Home Country - 12/12/2023 [RN]

🚀 What's New

  • We improved the Canadian talent experience in AviontéBOLD, enabling talent users living in Canada to have the correct tax document nomenclature based on their home country designation.


  • Customer feedback noted that Canadian-based talent were confused seeing US nomenclature when attempting to access their electronic tax documents using the Talent Portal.


How does this impact you?

  • Thanks to this enhancement now talent with a Canadian home country will see "T4" instead of "W2" when accessing their taxes from the Talent Portal. All other talent home country designations will continue to display "W2".


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  • This feature is now available to all integrated Bold customers who have the W2/T4 enabled under Utilities > Talent Profiles, and specifically impacts Talent whose home address is designated as Canada. 



Configuration: Utilities > Talent Portal UI (enabling the tax area for the Talent Portal)


Visual Change for a Talent whose home address is in Canada:


No impact for a Talent whose home address is in the US:

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