Supervisor Signature

With the integration of the new signature pad in the 24/7 app, hours can be saved in tracking down timesheet approvals, ensuring accurate completion at the end of Talent's shifts. Talent have a digital timesheet in their hands on the app, letting them follow up on the worksite to get a supervisor's signature on their phone. The signature is stored, making it easy to defend any invoices and secure every owed dollar.

Supervisor Signature completes the Talent Mobile Experience. More specifically, it completes the Time Keeping process when Talent are checking-out of the app. 

When a Talent goes to check-out of a shift, they will be presented with the Supervisor Sign Off screen. The onsite supervisor will then need to check off accepting the sign-off, provide their name, and sign on the touch screen before signing off.


If you're interested in this feature, please submit a configuration request through the support center.


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