July 2024

Equifax Migration Release - Upcoming* (7/12/24)

🚀 What's New

  • Equifax is upgrading all Avionte clients from Equifax’s Simplifi-9 service to I-9 HQ, part of the new PeopleHQ™ cloud-native portal from Equifax. The migration is planned for Friday, July 12th. On this day, beginning at 8 pm EST, BOLD’s Equifax I-9 integration will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours. During this time, Equifax will migrate all in-process data and Equifax & Avionte teams will validate before enabling BOLD users access to the integration again. The expected completion of this migration is Saturday, July 13th at midnight EST

How does this impact you?

    • You do not need to take any action regarding this migration for your I-9, E-verify, and user data. Equifax and Avionte have developed and have tested the migration to Equifax's I-9 HQ platform. The Equifax team will migrate all Avionte clients to I-9 HQ.
      • After the migration is completed, the next time a BOLD HCM User launches the Equifax integration, expect a one-time delay as that account updates with Equifax.
    • You will experience no changes to your BOLD widgets or navigation within the BOLD platform
    • The I-9 HQ platform will continue to support a mobile-friendly Talent task, just like the integration did for the Simplifi-9 platform
    • Talent’s information will still pre-populate information into Section 1 of the Form I-9!

    • Talent will experience a new UI
    • Ability to configure Talent self-upload of supporting documents. With I-9 HQ, account administrators can give Talent the ability to upload their own documents via Equifax Portal > Organization Settings > I-9 > Form I-9.

Please note, that if you configure your system to allow your Talent to upload their own documents, a Recruiter cannot do the document upload in their side.



    • The "Name Your Own Completer" functionality available on the Simplifi-9 platform has been deprecated and is no longer available with the I9 HQ platform.
    • HCM Users will notice a new UI when completing Section 2 of the I-9 or when accessing the Equifax site via the BOLD integration.
    • QR Code option for taking pictures documents:
      Equifax I-9 accounts that are not configured to allow Talent to upload their documents will see their recruiters who upload supporting documents for Section 2 have access to a QR code.
      The QR code can be scanned by any mobile device with internet access to allow a Talent or Recruiter to take a picture of the supporting document on their mobile device.


  • Barcode Scanning of State IDs. Equifax HR Admins can configure “Enable barcode scanning” in the Equifax Portal > Organization Settings > General > Packets Defaults. This feature allows a Talent or Recruiter to use their mobile device’s camera to scan the barcode on their State ID.  Scanning of the State ID will pull in PI for review. This feature supports barcodes in PDF417 format, which is supported on most U.S. State IDs.

  • Retention Period Extension: The Equifax system can be configured to hold on to I-9s for a longer time period; These I-9s can also be indexed, so they would not be considered on-file for an audit. Equifax HR Admin can modify this setting in Equifax Portal > Organization Settings > I-9 > Retention of Form I-9 Records.
  • Ability to configure landing message pages for Section 1 Start and Finish
    Users who are Equifax HR Admins can modify their organization’s Welcome Page & Completion Page messages for Talent. Admin can adjust this setting via Equifax Portal > Organization Settings > In-appMessages.

    Please note, that at this time, Spanish is not available as part of the integration.

  • Ability to leverage The Work Number payroll feed data:
      • If you leverage the Equifax TWN integration with your Avionte Back Office data, you can now contact Equifax support to have your TWN and I9 accounts merged! After the account merge, you will still maintain independent access to your TWN employer portal.


Timesheet Manager Company Selector Update - 7/01/2024

🚀 What's New

  • We've improved the recruiter's timesheet management experience in Bold, by changing the behavior of the Company selector from a pre-defined list of all companies with timesheets in the drop-down to a company name search to load the drop-down.


  • Customer feedback noted that users typically either know the specific company they are looking up timesheets for or use the "All Companies" option. Since the need to see all companies isn't necessary, we'll modify this behavior to speed up the performance of the timesheet manager.

How does this impact you?

  • When using the timesheet manager, the Company drop-down selector will be defaulted to "All Companies". If users want to look for timesheets for a specific company, they can start typing the company name into the search box above the Company drop-down selector, and any company name that matches will be populated into the Company drop-down selector. Users can choose the specific company from the options appearing the drop-down to proceed with the timesheet search.


Links to related KB articles:


  • This feature is now available to all Bold customers.



Initial page load view with All Companies selected by default:


Start typing a company name to load the drop-down with companies matching that name:



Select a company whose name matches what's been entered in the company name search field:

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