Business Intelligence (BI) Report: Daily Web App Activity


Updated 10/04/2021


Daily Web App Activity
Understanding the Filters
Understanding the Data (by column)
Using the Data



Daily Web App Activity

The Daily Web App Activity report is a refined snapshot of the Talent Screen, where you will see all applicant-related activity for a job.  This report is a combination of Avionte user-generated actions (e.g. nomination and pipeline stages), as well as all Web Applicant activity.



Understanding the Filters

  • Company Name
    • Use this filter to only see submittals to jobs under a certain company
  • Job Title
    • Narrow down further and only see submittals to a specific job
  • Req Date Opened
    • This filter allows me to see submittals by when the req was created. For example, if I wanted to see all of the submittals by Rep for jobs created in Q1, I could use this filter and then shut off the Time Frame Filter. Using this means, it does not matter when the submittal occurred, but it had to be for a job created in the specified time frame.
    • Note that the Time Frame Filter and Req Created Date Filter can be used together. For example, if I set the Time Frame to Q1 and the Req Created Date filter to last year, I am saying that I want to see all the submittals that occurred in Q1 for jobs that were created in the previous year



Understanding the Data (by column)

  • Req ID
    • This is the Avionte-created job ID. Clicking the Req ID takes you into the Job Details page for this position
  • Req Type
    • Displays the job type; e.g. is it a Contract, Permanent, Contract to Perm, EOR
  • Company
    • Name of the Company the job was created under
  • Hiring Manager
    • Name of the Contact the job was created under
  • Job Title
    • Name of the job title used in the job details. Note: this may be different than the job title used when posting jobs externally
  • Applicant Name
    • Name of the applicant who was nominated, pipelined, or applied from the web
  • Date Opened
    • Date the job was created. Note this is not the date the job was posted externally
  • Declined
    • This section displays the decline reason and numbers based on those declines for nominated candidates. This is based on the Recruiter Credit To on the Talent Page. 
  • Hired
    • The number of starts attributed to a recruiter. This is based on the Recruiter Credit To when starting a candidate
  • Nomination
    • The date an Avionte user nominated a candidate for a position
  • Pipeline
    • The date an Avionte user pipelined an applicant for a position
  • Pipeline Decline
    • The date an Avionte user declined an applicant for consideration from the pipeline
  • Web Applicant
    • The date an applicant applied from a job board, your career’s page. Note: if this field is blank, it’s due to an applicant either being nominated or pipelined by an Avionte user (see “Pipeline” and “Nomination”)
  • Web Applicant Decline
    • The date a Web Applicant was declined by an aAvionte user. Note: if an applicant was declined from another stage (i.e. pipeline), the decline date will live in that stage’s column



Using the Data

Both account managers and recruiters can leverage this report to get a better understanding of the talent pool for each job.  Furthermore, you can see a snapshot of how healthy a job is based off whether or not they are receiving a lot of web applicants.




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