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This article guides users on marking documents as private in three locations within Avionté—Document Manager, Applicant/Talent Documents, and Company Documents—highlighting the uniform steps involved in toggling the "Private" option during document upload. It also explains document permissions based on user access settings, introduces the concept of User Groups for document sharing, and provides instructions on sharing private documents with specific users or groups.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté users can easily mark documents as private in Document Manager, Applicant/Talent Documents, and Company Documents by toggling the "Private" option during upload, ensuring uniformity across different locations.
  • Document permissions, governed by the Delete Access setting, determine who can mark documents as private, with options ranging from no access to administrative control.
  • Users have the flexibility to create User Groups for document sharing, simplifying the process of selectively sharing private documents with specific individuals or groups.

There are three locations in Avionté where documents can be marked as private: 

  • Document Manager
  • Applicant/Talent Documents
  • Company Documents

The best part is, the steps to make a document private are the same for all of the places where you can mark a document as private. When uploading a document simply select the "Private" toggle.

Note: A user who uploads the document on a talent profile will have access to it, regardless of their user permissions for public/private documents. If a user does not have permission to view private documents, then they will not have access to any private documents uploaded by another user in the system.





Document Permissions

Who can mark documents as private/share and who can see my private/shared documents?

The ability to gain access to Private Documents corresponds to your Delete Access Setting. To update or change Delete Access, go to Utilities –> User Accounts –> Edit Access.

  • Delete None: Users with their Delete Access set to this level will not be able to mark any documents as private (even their own) or view any private documents.
  • Delete Own: Users with their Delete Access set to this level will be able to view documents that are not private and will be able to set the privacy of their own documents.
  • Delete Admin: Users with their Delete Access set to this level will be able to view all documents (even if set to private by other users), and set the privacy of all documents (even documents that were uploaded by other users).



Create A User Group

Users can create a User Group to share documents. To do this just go to Utilities and select Create New Group icon. Simply create a name for your User Group and select the users you would like to include in the group. Once you select submit you will see the new list appear.




How do I share a private document?

To share a private document (you can only share a private document if you have access to it) go to the document location and click the “Share” link mceclip0.png in the document list.  Select/deselect the Users or User Groups to your liking then click the Update Sharing button to complete the process.




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