Company and Contact Search (CRM Search)

Begin at the CRM search terms and select the field you would like to support your search. Such fields include location, custom tags, department/divisions, tearsheets, activities, and more. Once all terms have been selected and identified, select if you would like the search to pull the results at a Contact or Company level.



Saving Searches

After you have completed your search,  select the blue "save" icon and title it   SaveSearch.png 
When you want to leverage the search later on, select the downward-facing arrow icon  SavedSearches.png
If you forget to save your search, don't panic. Avionté remembers your last ten searches    LastTenSearches.png

Preview  Preview.png

When you need to quickly leverage a contact's profile, select the preview icon and tags. Towards the bottom, you'll notice the ability to create opportunities, jobs, tasks, or activities directly from this view




Switching Between Views

You can easily switch between the company and contact results. For example, when you run a search for companies based in San Francisco, you can elect to view the contacts within that company as well



Configuring Results

The layout of the search results is configurable.  Meaning, you can add and remove columns using the selector in the top right of the results header. With zero reloading needed, the changes are made instantly. You also have the ability to drag and drop the columns per your preference. Additionally, you can sort or pin columns to the left and right. Avionté will remember your customized column order.

You might also notice that your results are color-coordinated. We use colors to serve as a quick visual for outreach frequency. The color of the name changes if there is a manually logged Task or Activity on the Contact's profile. The following colors reflect the thresholds:

  1. Green - they have been contacted within the last 30 Days
  2. Yellow - they have been contacted in the last 31 – 60 Days
  3. Red  - They have been c ontacted in the last 61 – 90 Days
  4. Dark Blue - they have not been contacted in more than 90 days
  5. Light Blue - They have never been contacted



Search for Companies with Expiring Documents

This search term gives you the ability to see which companies have expiring documents during a specified date range. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Companies
  2. Select Expiring Docs from the CRM Terms dropdown
  3. Select a Date Range (e.g. "Within This Week")
  4. Click Done
  5. Click the Companies search button. The companies with expiring documents will be retrieved.



Click on a company to view its' detail, and click Documents to list them. The documents with expiration dates will be indicated.





Search by Company / Office Name

Search by the Office Name, as well as the Company Name.

This can help narrow results for Companies by searching for specific Offices or by searching only Offices (no Company Name)




Pin Companies CRM Terms

Use the Pin Icon to automatically anchor frequently used CRM Terms to the search field. 

Note: The pinning of search terms does not save any specific configuration/criteria for each search term, to save both a search term AND specific configuration/criteria you would use the existing Save Search feature functionality. 



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