Linking a Contact to an Applicant/Talent profile

When and if your client ends up becoming a candidate, you will need to create an applicant/talent profile for them. Creating an applicant/talent profile rather than "converting" their contact profile to an applicant/talent profile ensures that the data captured on each profile is segregated. Linking the profiles together provides a quick way for users to first identify that the subject is both a contact and applicant as well as provide a quick link to the contact profile's counterpart.


  1. Start at the contact's profile
  2. Click on the Social Profiles widget
  3. Click the Edit icon
  4. Select an option from the Social Network drop down menu
  5. Add the link to the Social Url field
  6. Click on the Plus icon
  7. Click on the Edit button
    1. Linked to Applicant
    2. Linked to Contacts
      Note: John Locke's applicant profile will need to have been created already.
  8. Start typing the name and select the individual
  9. Click on the Done button
    1. Your widget will then display the link

Contact - Social Profiles - Linked Applicant.gif


As seen in the above image, you can also link a contact with another contact profile. This should be used if your contact moves to another organization and continues to leverage your Recruiting services. In that case, you will want to create a new company profile and create a new contact profile for them first.

Tip: To keep track of which contact profile is current, you can use Contact flags to differentiate between the old contact (red) and the new one (green).  



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