Reset a User’s AviontéBOLD Password

If you have a user that has requested to reset their password, this can be done by an HCM User that has Utilities Manager access.  If you are an Admin user, then you can reset another user's password in BOLD.


Reset Password

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on User Accounts
  3. Search for the User
  4. Click Edit Profile
  5. Click on the Reset Password button
  6. After you click Reset Password, a warning will appear, confirming that you want to proceed as well as the type of email to send.

    Account Settings - User Account Edit - Reset Password.gif

  7. Click on the Welcome Email or Standard Email button

Reset Password Email / Link

  1. The user will receive an email with the title "Avionté Password Reset for [user name]".
    1. The email will have a "Reset your Password" button, as well as a reset link. 
  2. Open the Email
  3. Click on the Reset your Password link
    Note: When a reset password link is sent, the link is active for 24 hours.
    If the user does not reset their password within 24 hours, a new link will have to be sent.

    Outlook Email - Reset Password - Link.gif

  4. Create a new password.
    AviontéBOLD Password Requirements
    1. If the password isn't strong enough, a message will appear advising how to correct it.
      1. Insecure: Add another word or two. Uncommon words are better

      2. Bad: This is a very common password. ... Capitalization doesn't help very much

      3. Weak: This is similar to a commonly used password... Predictable substitutions like '@' instead of 'a' don't help very much

  5. Click on the Save and Login button 
  6. A message will display on their computer, saying "Your password has been set!"
    1. The system will proceed to log in to Avionté and display the user's Dashboard.

Password Reset - New Password.gif


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