Creating a New Company and Contact

AviontéBOLD offers multiple ways to create companies: manually through the Companies tab, with required fields marked by an asterisk, and additional sections for specific company details. Editing and deleting company information is also covered. Adding contacts is explained, as well as the option to build out multiple offices for a company. The document also highlights using the ECHO browser plugin for importing companies and contacts, along with the Outlook Plugin for creating contact profiles directly within Avionté.


Key Takeaways

  1. Flexible Company Creation: AviontéBOLD provides various methods to create companies, including manual entry with required fields and the ability to add specific details, ensuring flexibility and customization.

  2. Comprehensive Company Management: The platform offers comprehensive company management capabilities, allowing users to edit, delete, and organize company information across different sections, such as Company Dashboard, Operational Information, and Industry Information.

  3. Efficient Contact Integration: AviontéBOLD streamlines contact integration through features like the ECHO browser plugin, enabling users to import companies and contacts seamlessly from social media sites, and the Outlook Plugin, simplifying the creation of contact profiles from within the Outlook application.


Manually create a Company

  1. Hover over the Companies tab. Some options will appear in the bar underneath.

  2. Select Add New Company. The Create New Company flyout will appear.

  3. Fill out the information for the company. Fields marked with "*" are required; admins can set the requirements from Table Editor > New Company Requirements. For Category, note that you need to click on the plus "+" button to add a category to the company. There are additional fields you can use to save specific details about the company.
    1. Information on the Company
  4. Click Submit, and the Company will be saved, and a notification will be displayed. You can then click View to view the company record.

  5. You can edit Company information by clicking on the "edit" buttons next to the display section. There are separate sections for the main company display, Company Dashboard, Company Information, Operational Information, and Industry Information.
  6. Inside Company Information, you can apply a Company Email Rule if you wish. This will emails for the company follow a particular format, such as [].
  7. You can also delete a Company, if you have the admin rights. To do this select the "edit" button at the head sections, and click "Delete this Company".


Adding a Contact

Once a Company has been created, Contacts can be added to it. To do this, click the Add New Contact button. The Create New Contact flyout will appear.


(Also on the Company page, if your company has multiple Offices, you can begin building them out. Click the Add New Office button and complete the flyout with the office information.)




Companies and contacts can also be imported into AviontéBOLD via the Echo.

ECHO browser plugin

  • To do this, activate the plugin while on a relevant contact's social media site, enter your Company ID, and click Continue.
  • The Avionté Echo menu will appear. Enter a Client to associate the contact with, select a Branch if desired, and select Import Contact.
  • If the Company does not already exist in the System, a Create Company dialog will appear. Complete the required fields and click Create Company.
  • Then click Import.
  • When complete, the message "Import Successful!" will appear, along with the Done and View buttons. Click View to view the contact within Avionté.  


Outlook Add-Ins

Contacts can also be imported into Avionté using the Outlook Plugin.

Avionté Outlook plugin

  • Select the Create Contact Add-in
  • Fill out the information fields
  • Click OK and the contact profile will be created.


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