Finding and Managing Talent Overview: Saved Searches, Tearsheets and Hotlists

Avionté offers effective tools for recruiters to efficiently identify and connect with suitable candidates for new job opportunities. These methods include Saved Searches, which provide real-time lists of applicants and talent fitting specific criteria; Tearsheets, organized lists that allow controlled addition and removal of candidates or contacts for easy access and quick outreach; and the Hot List, reserved for exceptional candidates who can be easily monitored and submitted for potential roles in the future. These features facilitate proactive candidate management and streamline the candidate selection process.


Key Takeaways

  1. Saved Searches: Readers will understand how to use Saved Searches to maintain an up-to-date list of potential candidates for specific roles, enabling quick access to applicants with relevant skills whenever a new job opens up.

  2. Tearsheets: Readers will learn about Tearsheets, which allow them to organize and control lists of candidates or contacts based on their skills and qualifications. This feature empowers recruiters to maintain pre-screened pools of candidates, ready for outreach when suitable job openings arise.

  3. Hot List: Readers will discover the concept of the Hot List, a curated collection of exceptional candidates who may not currently have the right job available. This tool ensures that promising candidates are not overlooked and can be readily considered when suitable job opportunities become available.


Saved Searches

New candidates enter into your system daily, whether they are being parsed into the system or applying to your posted jobs. Saved searches provide you up-to-the-second lists of all the applicants/talent in the system who fit the criteria used in your saved search.


If you typically recruit for similar positions, your database is constantly updated with applicants who are potential fits for those roles. Instead of running a new search every time, simply load a saved search when a job opens to find new applicants who have the right skills.  With all our Search Terms at your fingertips, saved searches can be as detailed or simple as you like!


To create a saved search, enter the criteria in the search bar and then click the green bookmark icon, located next to the Search button. This will prompt you to title the saved search, which can then be accessed using the arrow in the picture below.


*This works for applicants/talent and contacts/companies.






After speaking with an applicant or contact, you're able to gather valuable information about the skill sets, hiring tendencies, etc. Now that you have this information, not only do you want to make sure that it isn't lost, you also want it to be easily accessible. This can be done with tearsheets.


Unlike saved searches, tearsheets are organized lists of applicants/talent or contacts that you have complete control over. Add and remove applicants/talent or contacts from the tearsheet at your convenience to make sure that when there is a new job open, you already have a list of applicants/talent with the skills needed! From here, you can quickly pipeline the applicants and start reaching out, all before needing to even post the job.


Recruit on a large variety of jobs? No problem! There is no limit to the number of tearsheets you can have or the number of applicants/contacts on a tearsheet. To build your tearsheets, you can add users with the Mass Action button from search pages or the Primary Action button directly from a profile.


Note: This works for applicants and contacts.





Hot List

Only Talent that have been added via the Quick Actions Menu, will be displayed.


Occasionally you will come across an amazing candidate who you know would get the job if given the opportunity, but the right job just isn't available. When you find these all-star candidates, you can add them to your Hot List. 

Note: If you are sharing Tasks, then the Hotlists will also be shared.


This will make sure that you don't lose sight of these candidates so when that job finally does appear, all you need to do is submit them to the hiring manager and start the interview process!


To add applicants/talent to the Hot List, go into their profile and use the Primary Actions. Then you're able to quickly view these applicants from our Hot List widget on your Dashboard. To manage this list and remove users (hopefully after you have gotten them a position), you can go into the Hot List page under the Task Tab.





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