Establishing and Utilizing Position Categories and Skill Tags

These tags are primarily for labeling applicants and jobs, enabling users to search by multiple categories and skills. Start by creating a job title, then add corresponding skill descriptions. For instance, your title could be 'Business Analyst,' with tags like E-Commerce, Infrastructure, Retail, etc. These tags can be applied to jobs or applicants to facilitate matching candidates with positions.

You can also specify if your skills are 'Talent Facing,' allowing a customized set of skills for applicants during the Talent Experience or Onboarding. If this configuration isn't visible, please reach out to your Account Manager to activate it.

Create and edit position categories and skillset tags which will be shared between applicants and jobs.

Setup new Tags

  1. Click Account & Settings
  2. Click Table Editor

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif

  3. Click on Positions & Skills Tile
    1. Or search for POSITIONS


  4. Fill out the following information: 
    1. Select (or create a new) Parent
      1. Also known as Positions
    2. Add (or edit existing) Child
      1. Also known as Skills
  5. Click Close  



Adding Tags to Contacts, Talent/Applicants and Jobs

Once the Position and Skills table has been setup, you will be able to tag Contacts, Applicants/Talent, and Jobs. The value of associating these tags are:

  1. Tagging Contacts: This allows you to run a CRM: Position Category search for Contacts to whom you may want to present a candidate that has a matching skillset.

  2. Tagging Applicants/Talent: This allows you to run an ATS: Position Category search for applicants that match the position/skill sets that you've tagged a job or if looking for a specific candidate per the client's request.
    1. You can tag multiple Categories and Skill Sets


  3. Tagging Jobs: This allows you to run a Job: Position Category search to find all jobs that are 'open' for you to potentially place a candidate that you've already pre-screened.

    Another benefit of using Position Category and Skills is that once a Job is tagged, Avionté will be able to provide automated recommendations of tagged applicants within your ATS that match.
    Auto Matcher in the Talent Manager Screen



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