Adobe Sign: 2023 W-4 & Tax Set Up

The 2020 & later Fed W-4 comes with many changes that require new setup in Avionté. As of 1/1/20, Avionté will look to the tax setup for employees in the US Federal Tax tab in Employee > Payroll > Tax first before looking to the Tax Set Up tab, which will house information configured from pre-2020 W-4s. In order to adopt the new 2022 W-4, you will need to activate the e-signature document (if using electronic W-4s) and follow a new process for entering employee tax setup in the Employee > Payroll > Tax section.


Activate the 2023 W-4 E-Signature Document

Avionté offers the electronic Federal W-4 as a standard eDocument and Adobe Sign template. Follow the instructions below:


Activate Adobe Template in AviontéBOLD

  1. Navigate to Utilities > Onboarding Tasks
  2. Expand the E-Signature Templates section
  3. Click on the name of the template in the list to configure the document.
  4. Ensure the Template Type is set to Federal W-4
    (2 Signatures to display Employer Information section if desired)
  5. Make any other necessary set-up changes such as group permissions. For more information on this configuration, see the Talent Onboarding - Admin Actions article.
  6. Click Save
  7. In the templates list, switch the template named "Federal W-4 (2023)" to On
    (Group Level Permissions must be set in order to turn template on)



Set up Group Permissions



To have employees complete the new 2023 W-4, you will send the 2023 W-4 as a Talent Task, as normal. Once the employee completes the 2023 W-4 e-signature document, the employee's selections will automatically be entered and saved into the new US Federal Tax tab in Employee > Payroll > Tax (in AviontéCLASSIC).



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