Adobe Sign: 2024 W-4 & Tax Set Up

The article discusses the changes in the Federal W-4 form for the year 2020 and beyond, and how these changes affect the setup process in Avionté. It emphasizes that, starting from 1/1/20, Avionté first looks to the US Federal Tax tab in the Employee > Payroll > Tax section for tax setup information before considering the Tax Set Up tab, where data from pre-2020 W-4s is stored. To adopt the new 2024 W-4, users need to activate the e-signature document (for electronic W-4s) and follow a new process for entering employee tax setup.

Key Takeaways

  • Priority of US Federal Tax Tab: After 1/1/20, Avionté gives priority to the US Federal Tax tab in Employee > Payroll > Tax for tax setup information, making it crucial for users to understand and adapt to the changes.

  • Activation of 2024 W-4 E-Signature Document: Users are advised to activate the 2024 W-4 e-signature document by following a specific set of instructions that include configuring the Adobe Sign template and setting up group permissions.

  • Entering 2024 W-4 Data: To have employees complete the 2024 W-4 form, it should be sent as a Talent Task. Once completed, the employee's selections are automatically entered and saved into the new US Federal Tax tab within AviontéCLASSIC.

  • Information on AviontéCLASSIC Back Office Tax Set Up


Activate the 2024 W-4 E-Signature Document

Avionté offers the electronic Federal W-4 as a standard eDocument and Adobe Sign template. Follow the instructions below:


Activate Adobe Template in AviontéBOLD

  1. Navigate to Utilities > Onboarding Tasks
  2. Expand the E-Signature Templates section
  3. Click on the name of the template in the list to configure the document.
  4. Ensure the Template Type is set to Federal W-4
    (2 Signatures to display Employer Information section if desired)
  5. Make any other necessary set-up changes such as group permissions. For more information on this configuration, see the Talent Onboarding - Admin Actions article.
  6. Click Save
  7. In the templates list, switch the template named "Federal W4 (2024) V2" to On
    (Group Level Permissions must be set in order to turn template on)


Set up Group Permissions


To have employees complete the new 2024 W-4, you will send the 2024 W-4 as a Talent Task, as normal. Once the employee completes the 2024 W-4 e-signature document, the employee's selections will automatically be entered and saved into the new US Federal Tax tab in Employee > Payroll > Tax (in AviontéCLASSIC).



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