What if a Contact Changes Companies?

When a contact leaves for a new company, Avionté wants to make sure you can see all the interactions that happened with that contact at those companies. This tip will go through steps we recommend taking to ensure that the transition of contacts to new companies is clean and you are able to easily maneuver between the profiles.



When a Contact Leaves a Company

The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that there is a clear indicator on that profile. We advise marking their profile with a Red Flag and informing other users with the headline in the profile.




Create the Contact's Profile for the New Company

The steps to do this are the same as usual.  When you add their new email address on the profile, it will ensure that only the interactions you have moving forward will be tracked on this profile, leaving the old profile with legacy data to refer to if needed.



Link Their Profiles

Using the “Social Widget” on a contact’s profile, you will now be able to link these two contact profiles together.

To do this, you will want to edit the widget > Linked to Contacts: Edit > Start typing the contact’s name > Save.




Toggle Between Profiles

Now this widget on the profile will show a new box marker “Linked to Contacts”. When you hover over it, it will display all the profiles which have been linked together.

There is no limit to how many profiles can be linked together, so if you work with a contact who moves companies frequently, you will be able to easily distinguish what relationship you had with them at which company. By taking these steps, you will also be able to run a search for this user and quickly learn which of their profiles is active in the system.



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