Mass Start Applicants (System Permission)

Avionté has a permission to start multiple candidates simultaneously from the Applicant/Talent Search or Talent/Candidates Page. If you have a job you want to start multiple candidates on at the same time, simply select these candidates and use the function of Mass Start.

This will then prompt you to fill in the Hired Details, which will need to be the same for all the applicants that you are starting on the role.

Note: That talent needs to have a user created beforehand, to be included in a mass start.



Filled Job Requirements

When using Mass Start, candidates will still need to abide by the same Filled Job Requirements which you have set up in the Table Editor. For any applicants who do not meet those needs, you will receive a notification letting you know what requirement is missing from what applicant.


In this instance, the candidates who meet the criteria will be started on the role and you will be able to go and fix the needs for the other candidates before getting them started on the job as well.


With the Filled Job Requirements, one thing to keep in mind is that by Mass Starting, it will skip any Pipeline, Candidates Under Consideration, Nominate, Submit or Interview requirements and will allow them to start without meeting them.


Job Openings

Another instance where you might receive a notification is if you try to start more applicants than the number of openings available on the job. If this occurs, you will be given the option to go to the Job Details page where you can then add open additional roles.


This functionality can be turned on if it is something that you are interested in using. Please reach out to your Success Manager and discuss it with them to make sure you understand everything it will affect!



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