Copying and sharing BI Reports


Updated 10/04/2021


This article describes how to copy and share your Avionté business intelligence reports. Please note: BI Reporting is an additional feature available upon request.


Making a copy
Sharing your Reports


Making a Copy

To get started, maximize the report by clicking on the "Full Screen" icon so that you can set it up the way you want.




Filter options (on the left-hand side) must be setup prior to making a copy of a report with the desired data metrics. When ready, click Apply.


2. Next, click the "hamburger" icon and select Duplicate. All copied reports will be located underneath the last template folder: Sales.



Sharing Your Reports

You can share reports from within your template list, but in order to do so, they must be shared from a copied report.

1. Click the "share" icon next to your copied report.



2. After clicking "Share", a pop-up window will appear. Search for and select a recipient for the report, and click Save.


Note: sharing reports can only be with other Avionté HCM users that have BI Reports enabled.


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