Sending Company Contracts in AviontéBOLD

In AviontéBOLD, users can use Adobe Sign to send onboarding documents to talent and use the integration to send contracts to customer contacts. Users can send Adobe Sign documents from the Company area to specific Contacts for the purpose of capturing electronic signatures on company-specific documents, such as contracts and service agreements.


Key Takeaways

  • Edit & Send: Users have the option to edit the documents before sending, which is a common need for contracts, where rates and line items may be negotiated.
  • Automated Contract Management: When a document is sent to a client, a Contract type is automatically checked in the Company Contracts section. This functionality allows for real-time tracking of when documents are sent and signed.
  • Personalized email: When sending out an Adobe Sign document to a Company Contact, the email used is not a standard system template; it is personalized at the time of sending.
  • Adobe Sign Document Delivery: For Contacts, the delivery of the electronic signature document will be sent directly to the contact's email, rather than accessing documents through a portal. This makes capturing signatures easier and faster.
  • You can add an expiration date to documents. This is similar to the functionality currently available for talent documents. The option appears on the Company Documents tab, when uploading documents.


Sample List of Company Documents with expiration dates:




Key Features
Customer Contract Workflow




Integration Setup

The Adobe Sign integration must be turned on and enabled before users can send Company Contracts. Please refer to the following article to view setup instructions:


Template Creation

Before users can send contracts or other documents to company contacts, a template for the contract will need to be created in your Adobe Sign Library. Users can configure Adobe Sign templates in the same way onboarding documents are created. Please see the article below for instruction on creating e-signature document templates in your Adobe library:


Company Contract Setup

In addition to configuring the Adobe Sign integration in AviontéBOLD, additional configuration is needed to use Adobe Sign for customer contracts in Avionté.  

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
  3. Click on the Adobe E-sign Company Contracts tile

    Account Settings - Utilities - Adobe Company Contracts.gif

  4. Your list of e-signature document templates from your Adobe Library is listed on the left-side panel. Toggle templates On if they should be available to send to company contacts.

  5. Click on the name of a template to set Properties for that document. 

  6. Set the template's Contract TypeThe list of contract types pulls from Table Editor > Company Contract Types.
    1. Create Company Contracts
      This selection also enables the automation available in the Company > Documents tab. When this template is sent to a company contact, the Sent box will be checked for the contract type selected in this field.

  7. In the Signatures drop-down, select the number of signatures required on this document before it's considered complete. 
  8. Set the permissions for who can send, view, and/or delete this Adobe Sign document template. First, add a group to the permissions list using the Add a group drop-down menu. Once the group appears, check the boxes for Send, View, and Delete to give users in that group permission to perform the corresponding action. Repeat this for any group that should have permission to send, view, or delete a company contract.
  9. Click on the Save button
    1. Repeat steps 3 through 7 for each template toggled On.

Adobe Company Contracts - Templates - toggle.gif



Customer Contract Workflow

Once Adobe Sign templates are configured for use in AviontéBOLD, users are ready to send contracts to their customer contacts. To send an e-signature document to a contact:

  1. Navigate to the Company profile and open the Documents tab.

  2. Click Send Contract with Adobe Sign in the Adobe E-sign Documents section.


  3. A fly-out will appear to complete the contract send process. Complete the information in the fly-out using the field definitions below:

Field Explanation
Recipient The Recipient should be the contact whose signature is required. Enter the names of the recipient of this document. As you begin typing a name, customer contact names will appear from which you should select the proper contact.
CC Recipients

Enter additional email addresses for contacts who should receive the document email


Note: There is a setting on Adobe's side that controls whether or not these CC'd recipients are allowed to be copied on the contract email sent. If you are trying to CC recipients on the contract, and it's not working, you'll need to reach out to your Adobe rep to get this configured.

  • Signer - Select Signer if the recipient needs to sign or agree to the document
  • Approver - Select Approver if the recipient is considered the approver
Contract Title Enter a title for this document in this free-text box. This title displays as the document name in the Company > Documents section. This is where you can provide some context for this document for internal users.
Email Message Enter the body text of the contract email. Here, you can personalize the message that is sent along.
Sender Rules
  • Sender Doesn't Need to Sign - Select this option if the user sending the document does not need to sign this e-signature document
  • Sender Signs First - Select if the sender needs to sign the document before the recipients
  • Sender Signs Last - Select if the sender needs to sign the document after the recipients' sign
Contract Type Select which contract type you would like to send. 
Adobe Sign Library Documents Select the Adobe Sign template to send to the recipient. You can edit the existing template before sending it to the contact by using the Edit & Send button. 

4. Click Send to send the standard template. Click Edit and Send if you would like to modify the Adobe library template before it sends to the contact. Once the document is sent, the contract checkbox in the Company Contracts section of the Company > Documents section will be checked. The name of the e-signature document template will also appear in the Adobe E-sign Document section.


5. An email will be sent to the contact with a link to the e-signature document. Contacts can follow the Review and Sign link to read the contract, complete and necessary fields, and sign. 


6. Once the document is signed, both the recipient and the sender of the e-signature document will receive an email confirmation that the recipient signed the document.


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